Create Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook and Twitter

Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook
Do you want to be different? The best way to showcase your creativity nowadays is posting Stylish or unique Profile Pics on Facebook! You can use services like Frintr to create a unique and stylish Profile pic for your Facebook and Twitter profile. Frintr automatically creates a collage from your friend’s profile pictures and tries to arrange them in such a way that when viewed from a distance they appear to form another image, most often your profile picture. Just have a look at below photos.
Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook

For best results, you will need at least 50 friends! The more friends, more detailed and less repetitive the final collage Frint will appear. You can create as many low resolution (600×600) colleges as you want, free of charge. If you’d like a higher-resolution version then, you need to pay for a digital download or have an A3 print posted to you.

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It is very simple to create profile pic with Frintr. Just visit and click connect with facebook. Frintr asks for permission, just click on Log In With facebook. Done! Frintr automatically detects your current Facebook profile pic and create an amazing profile picture from all your friend’s pictures. You can also use websites like Malayalis Corner and Best Pic Store to find awesome DP for you Facebook and Twitter profile pictures.

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