How To Verify Facebook Page/Profile Using Verification Request Form

How To Verify Facebook Page

We know that there are thousands of pages are in Facebook for entertainment, business, social activities and  fans of particular celebrity. Most of them claims to be legitimate but turns out most of them are fake. To prevent this Facebook has introduced a new technique to verify your Facebook page which will be shown by a blue tick badge next to the name. This blue tick means that your Facebook page is verified by the Facebook officials and it’s legitimate. So today we will discuss how to verify Facebook page using verification request form.  Before beginning there are some requirements to submit your Facebook page. Continue Reading ➞

W3 Total Cache Settings For Shared Hosting 2015


I have many WordPress websites that hosted on different shared hosting providers. I tried W3 Total Cache different settings in order to get optimized result for my websites.   W3 Total Cache is the mother of all caching plugins. The W3 Total Cache settings are different for dedicated and shared hosting! The shared servers do have rules against using too many resources. On the Shared hosting environment, you’re probably sharing your server with several hundred people. So you have no ability to use more options because of the limitations of the shared hosting provider. Anyway you can choose below w3 total cache settings for shared hosting to increase your website loading time and performance. Continue Reading ➞

What Is The Difference Between Premium Tatkal and Tatkal?

Difference Between Premium Tatkal and Tatkal

In this post, I’m trying to explain the difference between premium tatkal and tatkal. Premium tatkal is an online only reservation facility that bought by Indian railway on October 1st 2014 to extract more money from public to increase their revenue. It is almost like the pattern of airline fares – more the demand, higher the fare. Around eight to nine per cent of the seats in a train are allotted through tatkal and half of these are now being sold under premium tatkal dynamic pricing, which allows passengers to buy a ticket online even a day prior to the date of their journey. You can only book premium tatkal tickets from Indian railways official website. Continue Reading ➞