How To Send Colourful Text In Facebook Chat

Here we are going to learn an Impressive trick, you can send colorful text in Facebook chat box, it’s very easy trick because you just write your message in the input box and click OK. The code automatically generated in a notepad file. Copy only the code and paste it in the Facebook chat box. This trick only work in the Facebook chat box. I have tried and its look awesome (see above image). Try it.
Colorful Texts In Facebook Chat
This chat box created by Hari, and he made a very good interface by which you can easily generate the codes. You can Download the software’s from below download links.
[vc_button title=”Stylish Fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=””] [vc_button title=”Rainbow fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=””]  [vc_button title=”Mixed fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=””]
If you don’t have a PC and you want to send colourful texts to your friends just copy the below codes and paste it in your chat box.

Codes are Below with Their Alphabets

  • Hello – [[111356865552629]] [[115430438474268]] [[115807951764667]] [[115807951764667]] [[116564658357124]]
[Copy & Past above code in Chat box For Hello]
  • [[107015582669715]] = A
  • [[116067591741123]] = B
  • [[115602405121532]] = C
  • [[112542438763744]] = D
  • [[115430438474268]] = E
  • [[109225112442557]] = F
  • [[111532845537326]] = G
  • [[111356865552629]] = H
  • [[109294689102123]] = I
  • [[126362660720793]] = J
  • [[116651741681944]] = K
  • [[115807951764667]] = L
  • [[106596672714242]] = M
  • [[108634132504932]] = N
  • [[116564658357124]] = O
  • [[111669128857397]] = P
  • [[107061805996548]] = Q
  • [[106699962703083]] = R
  • [[115927268419031]] = S
  • [[112669162092780]] = T
  • [[108983579135532]] = U
  • [[107023745999320]] = V
  • [[106678406038354]] = W
  • [[116740548336581]] = X
  • [[112416755444217]] = Y
  • [[165724910215]] = Z

I hope above trick helps you to send colorful texts in Facebook chat. If you know any other Facebook tips and tricks please share it in comments.

How To Remove Powered By Blogger From Blogger Blog

How To Remove Powered By Blogger
First of all backup your Template (Template- Backup/Restore- Download Full Template) before removing Powered By Blogger. This helps to revert to the original template when something goes wrong while editing your template. To Remove Powered By Blogger from your blog, follow instructions:
  • Click on the Template link in the left navigation menu.
  • Click on the Edit HTML button
  • Select the Expand Widget Templates checkbox
  • Search (Ctrl+ F) for “attribution”, we can find

[code type=codetype]<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’/>[/code]

  • Remove above code from template.
  • Sometimes, this method will not work, If it’s not working change true to false in the above code.
  • Now save and close the edit HTML and go to Layout. Find the widget named Attribution. Click edit and Click on the Remove button. Save Layout.

Now you successfully removed ‘Powered By Blogger’  Attribution widget from your Blog. Also check below posts

How Invite all friends to like a Facebook Page In One Click

Here we are going to figure out how to invite all of your friends to a Facebook page without clicking each person individually. This post is for educational Purpose only and we will not take any responsibility for the consequences (if any) using the below tip. It should fine as it simulates real clicks.

Watch Video Instructions (Old Method)

Invite all friends to like a Facebook Page In One click Instructions

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to your Facebook page Build Audience.
  2. Click on ‘Invite Friends’.
  3. Change the menu drop down from ‘Recent interactions’ to ‘Search all friends’.
  4. Scroll right to the bottom of your friends list as Facebook extends the list only when the list scrolled to bottom.
  5. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J to open up the JavaScript input window.
  6. Copy and paste the below code into the new pop up window in Chrome.

[code type=codetype]   var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName(“input”); for (var i=0; i < inputs.length; i++) { if (inputs[i].getAttribute(‘type’) == ‘checkbox‘) { inputs[i].click(); } } [/code]

Click ‘Submit’ on the Facebook pop-up window and wait. You should have confirmation that your friends have been notified about your page.

Invite all friends to like a Facebook Page Using Chrome Extension (Working Method- 2015)

  • Download and install Facebook Invite All Google Chrome Extension.  After install, it will appear as a tick mark on the address bar (Highlighted in below screenshot).
  • Open you Facebook page on your browser. Make sure you didn’t switch identity to Facebook page.
  • Invite-all-friends-to-like-a-Facebook-PageClick on ‘Build Audience‘ button in the top right corner. It will open a drop down menu. Choose ‘Invite Friends‘. A popup will appear with a list of your friends.
  • Now click on the Tick Mark in the Address bar (Facebook Invite All chrome extension).

That’s it; now the extension automatically invites all your friends to like your Facebook Fan page. If you know any other easy methods, please let me know in comments.