Increase your Windows Performance Using IObit Toolbox

IObit Toolbox is FREE portable software that can be take along to increase your windows performance and solve PC problems anytime and anywhere. With more than 20 dedicated tools, IObit Toolbox allows you to display/diagnose PC information, enhance PC security, optimize PC performance and repairing PC problems. In a word, it offers an easy way for PC admin to monitor and manage computers. It can use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Let’s take a look at the tools in IO Bit Toolbox.

Registry Cleaner
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The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Installing and uninstalling applications, browsing internet, downloading software’s  or mail’s that contain a virus, etc. creates registry problems. A corrupt registry may cause Privacy Sweeper.

Privacy Sweeper

privacy sweeper
IO Bit privacy sweeper erases your activity history and browsing traces. It can erase your browsing history in all browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. This utility also cleans all junk file in your system.

Disk Cleaner

IO Bit Disk CleanerUnnecessary files in the hard disk especially in C Drive cause slow down windows. IO Bit disk cleaner analyzes  unnecessary files in hard disk and cleans them up to enlarge available disk space. This utility is very useful when you are running out of hard disk space. Also, this action increases your windows overall performance.

Smart Ram

smart ram
RAM (Random Access Memory) in a computer is a major fact that determines the speed of that computer.  All programs working in real time loaded to RAM memory. Smart Ram Monitors your memory usage and recycle unused memory blocks to increase available physical memory. So you can run more software’s same time.

Win Fix

windows fix
IO Bit win fix analyse your windows operation system and fix problems. This utility can fix common windows problems, Windows Media Player Issues and also Internet Explorer bugs. There are so many options available in Io Bit Tool box Advance Fix tab. So if you experience any windows OS related problems launch win fix and start fixing your problems.

Other Tools Available In IO Bit Toolbox

  • IO Bit Uninstaller: Helps you to force uninstall programs in your computer.
  • Internet Booster: Optimize your TCP/IP protocol, Firefox and chrome settings to speed up your internet connection.
  • Start-up Manager: Optimize your windows start up for reduce windows boot time. Disabling programs in windows start up also increase system performance.
  • Registry Defrag: This utility helps to detect how heavily fragmented the registry is and whether an optimization is necessary.
  • Undelete: Restores deleted files after you emptied the recycle bin.
  • Shortcut Fixer: Searches all system for non effective shortcuts and reference’s and fix them
  • Disk Doctor: Perform analysis for your disk and file system.
  • Security Holes Scanner: Scan and fix security holes automatically
  • Process Manager: Manage running processes and increase you windows performance.
  • Driver Manager: Helps you update and backup drivers
  • IO Bit security 360: Protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, Trojans, key loggers etc.
  • Cloned Files Scanner: Searches for cloned files in your hard disk which may waste your disk space.
  • Disk Explorer: Analyses  your drives to show you an overview of the big files and folders which occupy your valuable disk space.
  • System Information: Collects and displays details of your system
  • Empty folder scanner: Helps you find and delete empty folders in your windows.

IOBit Toolbox Customization Tips:

How to use your brand and logo in the Toolbox like above Image?

Customize the Title

You could use whatever you like as the title of the Toolbox. For Example, presently it called Toolbox. You could change it to “Brief Tutorial Toolbox” by the following steps:

  • Open the “logo” folder.
  • Open the “Customize.ini” file and type ¡°Jobs¡± after the ¡°Title=¡±. Then it shows as ¡°Title=Jobs¡±.  (Less than 10 letters would be better)
  • Open the Toolbox and you will find “Jobs Toolbox” on the left top.

Customize the Image

You could use any picture as the image of your Toolbox by the following steps:

  • Choose your logo picture and save it as png format (48×48 recommended), with the file name “logo.png”.
  • Copy and paste the logo.png picture into the “logo” folder.
  • Open the Toolbox and you will find your logo picture showed on the left top.Or you can set it directly in Settings on the top right. Winking smile

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  • Thanks man, I see a 30% overall increase in my windows speed after going through the steps mentioned above. We can also use AVG tuneup utility, it have 30 days free trial.

    • Yeah, AVG tuneup utility is also good software. Use it if you have sufficient RAM and processing power. I recommend IO bit because it is very light.


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