How To Hack Google Play In- App Purchase

You need a rooted phone to hack Google Play In- App Purchase. By using this hack you can purchase anything for free from your installed android app/ game. It is working fine on most of In- App purchase enabled apps like Cut The RopeCosmic ColonyThe Conduit HD Full VersionC.H.A.O.SBlood and Glory LegendAsphalt 6: AdrenalineAppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD)Asphalt 7 HD: Heat etc.   Follow the below tutorial:
  • First you need to download Freedom Android App. You need to enable “Unknown Sources” in settings to install this app.
  • Now just install Freedom app and allow superuser permission
  • I assume you already installed your desired app from Googleplay, If not install it now
  • After successful installation of your desired app/ game, open Freedom application (It takes sometime to load). You can saw installed In- App purchased apps there. Now tap on the app that you want to crack, this should patch In- app purchase of the application.
  • Now launch your cracked app/ game and purchase anything :D

In some countries Freedom app is banned to use, to fix this issue

  1. Uncheck “Automatic time zone”
  2. Go to “Select Time Zone” and choose “Moscow GMT+4”
  3. change the language of your phone to Russia
  4. Go back home/ restart ur device.. run FREEDOM app again.

After cracking your app you can change language & Timezone to defaults. If GMT is not work, just download Operator Changer, open it,

  • Click custom
  • Write MTS Moscow in Operator Name – write 50021 in Operator Numeric
  • Write Rusia in Country iso
  • Done!
Freedom android app is tested on 1084 apps and games till now, you can find compatibilty testing report here. Also it will work on other apps and games that didn’t listed in the report, So try it yourself. If you have any further doubts comment here below, I’ll help you! Also saying ‘Thank You’ doesn’t cost anything :P

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  • Nice hack. Thanks

  • thanks it works realy..
    But please tell will app developer get to know that i m using hack to bypass payment.
    is it possible that they take legal action against me or anyone who use this i have to worry?
    anyways realy thanks…

  • Cool hack dude…
    I’ve already tried freedom app for some offline games and it works fine but sometimes not…
    But it 100% fails with online games…
    Is there any solution…?

  • doesnt work with teen patti indian poker. it says receipt processing problem

    • Freedom android application doesn’t work with all android games. Maybe it doesn’t support teen patti indian poker!! Search for a mod apk.

  • freedom app not installing on my xolo q700 ..says nt enough memory….
    i have 4 gb free on sd card and almost 2 gb free internally what to do……

    • Boot into recovery mode and wipe Dalvik Cache or install root explorer android application-> goto /data/app and delete the odex files of freedom android app.

  • Can work on ragnarok mobile TH ?

  • samsung galaxy grand freedom apps not open

    • Freedom app requires root access. Make sure that you rooted your samsung galaxy grand.

  • How to hack online clash of clans

  • Do not use Freedom app. Hacking Google is tricky task. You may get benifit of using freedom app but it will damage your Android system. It will stop your playstore connectivity and then you wont be able to update the apps and finally you end with reseting your mobile.

  • How can i root my android A12 To work this app

  • Does it work for world series of poker?

  • How to play mc5 offline.

  • Guys how to root myphone rio 2 lite

  • Hey author , I play last empire war z on android and I want to free all in app purchases but freedom doesn’t work plzz tell something. Can n this game be hacked . If then how ?

  • Hey author I knew this but I do have a question. How to use older version of apk instead of new one( I downloaded the old modded version but it is showing please update in order to continue) what should I do now can I cheat or fool the app without downloading new version.

  • Hi i play online games like kingsempire so can i use freedom to hack in app purchases to get gems?

  • Is it possible to get free in app purchase for online games like i want it fir brother in arms 3

  • Is this hack working on castle clash??
    this is online game. i need gems for heros plz help mee…

  • in rival kingdom apk, how disable its own update/upgrade notification during running
    “update is required” message is shown. email me to modify apk permissions

  • Can it hack Line Cookie run too? Or Line Let’s get rich?
    Please answer…. Ty


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