Create A WiFi Hotspot From Laptop (Windows/ Mac OS X)

create a wifi hotspot from laptop

Nowadays the cost for mobile internet dramatically increased in India. So we have to find an alternative way to access the internet on our smartphone and tablets. Also If you are an Android user you know that most of the game requires downloading data files using WiFi network. So now we are going to find ‘How To Use laptop running on Windows/ Mac OSX as a WiFi hotspot by creating a wifi hotspot from the laptop.

How To Create WiFi Hotspot In Windows Laptops:

  • Download and install Connectify Hotspot Pro from official website. The Lite/ Free version only supports to create a WiFi hotspot from Ethernet. So if you are using a data card (Mblaze, Idea Net Setter), you need to purchase pro version. But don’t worry, you can easily find a cracked version from Google ;)
  • Open Connectify Hotspot and create a username and password (The password should be least eight characters). Click on the box below ‘Internet to Share’ and select your dongle or ethernet profile name.
Create A WiFi Hotspot In Windows 7/ 8
  • Now click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and select your WiFi adapter. Your WiFi adapter icon should look like the button in above screenshot.
  • After all, set, click on Start Hot Spot. Done!
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You can now turn on your WiFi on your smartphone or tablet and connect to this WiFi network.

How To Create WiFi Hotspot In Mac OS X Laptops:

  • Open System Preferences
Create A WiFi Hotspot In Mac OS X Internet
  •  Select Sharing, now click on the box near ‘Share Your Connection From’ and select your dongle profile name.
Create A WiFi Hotspot In Mac OS X Internet
  • Tick on Wi- Fi and ‘Internet Sharing’. Now onwards you can use WiFi on other devices whenever you connect to the internet.
Alternatively, you can use My WiFi Router Software to create WiFi Hotspot from LaptopIf you have any doubts or want to say thanks, comment here below :)

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