Windows 8

How To Easily disable ads in Utorrent Without Using Any Software


This trick help to disable ads in Utorrent without installing any software. You just need to go to preference panel and turn off some options available. uTorrent is one of the most famous bittorrent client available nowadays. It’s popular because of cross-platform compatibility. Utorrent available on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like Android and iPhone, etc. Here we are going to disable the ads in Utorrent such as top and left Sidebar banner ads. The below screenshot is shown you an example of one such advertisement. 
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How To Use SSD and HDD Together In Laptop?


Do you want to feel the power of SSD (Solid-state drive) in your laptop? SSD can improve your laptop performance dramatically. I’m creating this post after installing SSD and HDD together in my laptop. I installed my windows OS in my SSD and other files like videos, music, documents in HDD. Before going to use SSD and HDD Together In a Laptop, let me explain the advantages of SSD an over HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Continue Reading ➞

How To Open Webp Files In Photoshop?


This trick help you open Webp file format in all versions of  adobe Photoshop such as Adobe Photoshop 7.0, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.  Also this trick works on regardless the platform, so it will works on all version of Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8) and Mac Os X (Snow leopard, Mountain Lion and Mavericks). The trick is really very simple. You only need to download .webp plugin and copy it to your adobe Photoshop plug-ins folder. Continue Reading ➞

Increase Gaming Performance In windows 8/ Windows 7


If you are a gaming freak then you probably searching for tricks to Increase gaming performance of your windows 8 or Windows 7 PC! Every month game developers releasing HD games that demands a PC with very high specification. Fortunately if you own a Desktop PC you can upgrade your graphics card and RAM memory and stay ahead of this gaming trend. But what you can do If you have a laptop, there is no way to install or upgrade your graphics card! Also In Desktop computers you need to spend some money to buy a graphics card. If you try to install a HD game without a proper graphics card you may encounter a lot of errors. I even posted on how you can fix the NFS Most Wanted 2 Steering Sensitivity on windows pc you can check that too.

So here I’m sharing a trick to create a virtual graphics card by utilizing your RAM as a graphic card memory, so suppose you have 2 GB installed as your RAM then it will access near about 256 MB as the graphic card memory and then keep rest as the normal RAM. To do this we need a tool named 3D-Analyzer, it gives a fake report to the system that your windows computer have a graphics card installed. We have already published a complete tutorial about How to increase android Gaming Performance to get started with gaming on your android.

How To Create A Virtual Graphics Card?

  • Download 3D-Analyzer Tool for Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Extract the downloaded package, you will get 3danalyzer-v236.exe file.
  • Now open this software you will see a big Select button, simply press that to choose your game file that you want to increase gaming performance.
  • Make sure to navigate to the original game directory and select the .exe file of your game you wish to play. You can find the game file probably in C:/Program Files/Game Name/Game.exe. Otherwise you can find game installation directory by right clicking on game shortcut icon and select ‘Open File Location’.
  • Now after selecting that game make sure to adjust settings as mentioned below in the screenshot, just select every setting like below.


  • Now after configuring the 3D analyzer, just press “RUN” option and then just wait and see how your game runs smoothly.

I’m pretty sure that the above trick will increase gaming performance in windows PC! But at-least you need 1 GB of RAM memory to increase the gaming performance using this trick!  You can even save the batch settings for every single using the ‘Save Batch File’ option provided below in the tool. Also it is a good practise to Increase Windows Performance by clearing registry, temporary files etc. So now you can enjoy HD games in your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC without wasting money on expensive graphic cards.

Create A WiFi Hotspot From Laptop (Windows/ Mac OS X)

create a wifi hotspot from laptop

Nowadays the cost for mobile internet dramatically increased in India. So we have to find an alternative way to access the internet on our smartphone and tablets. Also If you are an Android user you know that most of the game requires downloading data files using WiFi network. So now we are going to find ‘How To Use laptop running on Windows/ Mac OSX as a WiFi hotspot by creating a wifi hotspot from the laptop. Continue Reading ➞

Top Windows 8 Outstanding Features You Should Know

Windows 8 features
Here’s some Windows 8 features you should know to get the best out of it. In m y opinion windows 8 is far better than windows 7 if you are not a Gamer. Let’s list some of them:

1. Windows Defender (Enhanced Security )

Windows 8 Defender

Windows 8 comes with a good anti virus program in it. Windows Defender is improved a lot and this saves your money to buy a good anti-virus. You have to switch-on its protection. To switch on protection Press Win+Q and type “Windows Defender” in search box and click on windows defender.

2. Two Apps Side-by-side







Now you can run two metro applications side-by-side. You don’t have to choose between applications, you can have both of them at the same time or for that matter you can now easily chat with your facebook friends along with editing your word documents. This will help multi taking in windows 8!

3. Picture Passwords

picture-password-windows 8

Picture password is a new attractive innovative from Microsoft. The picture password works when you join the points to act as your password. To create a Picture password in windows 8 go to Settings- Change PC settings- Users-Create a picture Password

4. The secret Start menu

secret Start menu-windows 8

Moving your mouse cursor down to the bottom-left of the screen and left-clicking switches to the tiled  windows 8 Start page. but if you right-click instead, you’ll be met with a menu linking to key areas of the operating system, including Control Panel, Device Manager, command prompt and the Task Manager etc.

5. Live Syncing

Microsoft has come up with Live Syncing, this feature allows you to sync your settings using your Microsoft Live ID, this can then be imported back to any PC globally. You can find Live synch option under Sync Your Settings tab in the windows 8 PC settings Menu.

6. Refresh Your PC

Refresh Your PC

If at any point, you feel your PC is turning slow or ran into crashes, windows 8 has the extended recovery and utility options through which you can retain your data as it is present and at the same time, refresh your PC. To refresh your PC go to Settings- Change PC Settings- General. You can also find other options like complete reinstall windows 8, Advanced Start Up etc.

7. Share Everything

Share Everything

During any point of time while using windows 8, and extended features like screen snapshot, you can pick and share photos, link etc on e-mail , social networking sites within clicks/taps. The windows 8 Charm Bar (Win+C) is the innovative right slide bar, with which you can share at your ease during your navigation into windows 8

8. Simpler shutdown


It’s the same keyboard shortcut as in previous versions of Windows, but it’s worth mentioning here because Windows 8 makes shutting down your PC more drawn out. Rather than opening the Charms bar, clicking Settings, selecting the Power button and choosing ‘Shut down’, simply press Alt+F4 while viewing the desktop. You can then press Enter to shut down the PC or choose an alternative option from the drop-down menu. Also you can find more Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts here.