Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software

Download Facebook Video
We are watching many Facebook videos daily. Have you ever wanted to download these funny videos? There is no need to download any software to download Facebook videos, but you must use Google chrome for browsing Facebook. First you need to download FVD Video Downloader and install it. Now you can find a blue icon just like below screen shot on top right corner of your chrome. Play your video, you can see that the icon changes its color to blue.  Now press on the icon and your file will be download within a second.

FVD Video Downloader is an chrome extension that allows you to download Facebook videos and audio files. It also support downloading video from almost any websites on the web for further viewing on your computer. It supports a huge selection of sites including Facebook, Vimeo, Vkontakte, Blip, Veoh, Metacafe, Dailymotion etc. It is very easy to operate the plugin – if there’s a downloadable video available on the page that you are viewing, the arrow button in your browser changes its color to blue. You can download the video by clicking on this button. After that you can play it on your computer or convert it into another format for further viewing on other devices. Download music or Video in HD format, MP3 format, MP4 or FLV Flash games downloads are in SWF format.

FVD Video Downloader DOES NOT work at Youtube and other sites that offer videos protected by copyright, such as Vevo, Warner Bros, Sony Music, etc

Download Facebook Video Without Any Software or Extension

If you hate installing a chrome extension to download Facebook video, you can alternatively download it by using chrome browser itself. To do this you need load Facebook mobile view on your PC by replacing ‘www with ‘m‘ (without quotes) . Have a look at the below screenshot.


After replacing www with m press your Enter key. Now you successfully switch to mobile view of Facebook. Just play the video little bit by clicking play button, now right-click on the video and select Save As.


The above trick will also work fine on other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari! What to do if you want to download videos that are not uploaded into Facebook. To download YouTube videos that shared on Facebook open YouTube video in new tab and add ‘ss‘ (without quotes) after www.. For example

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh-oeVZlVOs


  • http://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=Yh-oeVZlVOs

Now press enter the webpage redirect  you to download site. You can select your favourite resolution from right side of the download page.

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Cool Facebook Smileys 2015

We all uses Facebook smileys in our chat. But do you ever bored of limited Facebook chat box smileys? Here we are going to discover cool new Facebook chat box smileys so you can attract your friends while sending them new smileys while chatting. Using this smileys are very simple you just need to copy and paste the code which I provided below in Facebook chat window. After pasting the code you and you friends can see beautiful smiley on chat window.

Heart Giving Facebook Smiley

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[501234119909794]] [[501234133243126]] [[501234126576460]] [[501234129909793]] [[501234123243127]]
[[501234263243113]] [[501234269909779]] [[501234273243112]] [[501234266576446]] [[501234276576445]]
[[501234423243097]] [[501234429909763]] [[501234439909762]] [[501234436576429]] [[501234433243096]]
[[501234559909750]] [[501234563243083]] [[501234569909749]] [[501234573243082]] [[501234576576415]]
[[501234829909723]] [[501234843243055]] [[501234833243056]] [[501234836576389]] [[501234839909722]][/stextbox]

Psy-Gagnam Style Facebook Smileys

Psy-Gagnam Style-fb-emotion
[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[195616067242230]] [[195616073908896]] [[195616063908897]]
[[195616077242229]] [[195616070575563]] [[195616170575553]]
[[195616163908887]] [[195616160575554]] [[195616173908886]]
[[195616167242220]] [[195616250575545]] [[195616253908878]]
[[195616257242211]] [[195616260575544]] [[195616247242212]]
[[195616363908867]] [[195616367242200]] [[195616360575534]][/stextbox]

I love you this much Facebook Smileys

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[283691085067267]] [[283691095067266]] [[283691098400599]] [[283691088400600]] [[283691091733933]]
[[283691155067260]] [[283691158400593]] [[283691168400592]] [[283691161733926]] [[283691165067259]]
[[283691228400586]] [[283691225067253]] [[283691231733919]] [[283691235067252]] [[283691238400585]]
[[283691311733911]] [[283691321733910]] [[283691315067244]] [[283691308400578]] [[283691318400577]]
[[283691435067232]] [[283691431733899]] [[283691425067233]] [[283691421733900]] [[283691428400566]][/stextbox]

Coffee Emoticon Facebook Smileys

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[283681645068211]] [[283681635068212]] [[283681638401545]] [[283681641734878]] [[283681648401544]][[283681721734870]] [[283681731734869]] [[283681725068203]] [[283681728401536]] [[283681735068202]][[283681811734861]] [[283681808401528]] [[283681815068194]] [[283681805068195]] [[283681818401527]][[283681901734852]] [[283681888401520]] [[283681891734853]] [[283681895068186]] [[283681898401519]][[283682001734842]] [[283682008401508]] [[283682005068175]] [[283682011734841]] [[283682015068174]][/stextbox]

Fist Facebook Smileys

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[488850267812232]] [[488850257812233]] [[488850271145565]] [[488850261145566]] [[488850264478899]]
[[488850344478891]] [[488850331145559]] [[488850334478892]] [[488850337812225]] [[488850341145558]]
[[488850434478882]] [[488850424478883]] [[488850427812216]] [[488850421145550]] [[488850431145549]]
[[488850494478876]] [[488850497812209]] [[488850501145542]] [[488850504478875]] [[488850507812208]]
[[488850607812198]] [[488850611145531]] [[488850601145532]] [[488850604478865]] [[488850597812199]][/stextbox]

Talk To The Hand Facebook Smileys

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Copy and Paste the code to Facebook chat”][[283735885062787]] [[283735888396120]] [[283735891729453]] [[283735895062786]] [[283735881729454]]
[[283735968396112]] [[283735965062779]] [[283735958396113]] [[283735961729446]] [[283735955062780]]
[[283736048396104]] [[283736038396105]] [[283736045062771]] [[283736041729438]] [[283736051729437]]
[[283736125062763]] [[283736135062762]] [[283736121729430]] [[283736128396096]] [[283736131729429]]
[[283736208396088]] [[283736211729421]] [[283736201729422]] [[283736198396089]] [[283736205062755]][/stextbox]

Thank You

[[475121499197688]] [[475121502531021]] [[475121492531022]] [[475121489197689]] [[475121495864355]]
[[475121579197680]] [[475121572531014]] [[475121569197681]] [[475121575864347]] [[475121582531013]]
[[475121655864339]] [[475121659197672]] [[475121665864338]] [[475121669197671]] [[475121662531005]]
[[475121745864330]] [[475121742530997]] [[475121755864329]] [[475121752530996]] [[475121749197663]]
[[475121849197653]] [[475121845864320]] [[475121852530986]] [[475121842530987]] [[475121839197654]]

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How To Find Fake Facebook Profiles?


It is very difficult to find real profile in Facebook nowadays. Peoples were creating fake Facebook profiles for so many reasons. Some of these listed below

  • They would like to cheat both boys and girls by creating fake profiles.
  • They would like to sex chat with girls; that’s why they are creating a fake profile like this.
  • Most of the hackers and cheaters likes to hack your bank details and your system information.

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How to find Fake Facebook profile?

Identify fake profile in Facebook by Profile Picture

If they are really girls, they don’t like to upload their photos in public, but now days most of the modern girls like to show their photos in public, so that is not matter. But when we consider any fake profiles they will upload some different kind of photos. For example, if they female fake profile, they will upload a beautiful or sexy (ahem) girl photo for cheating boys or peoples in Facebook. So don’t trust those kind of a fake profile, if you ignore that will bring some problem for you. Profile picture is an important factor to considered while you are are finding fake profiles because most of the fake profiles only having sexy profile photos in their fake photos. So Sexy pictures are keyword to find fake profiles in Facebook. Fake Facebook profile is having dirty photos, dirty videos in their account. I will show you how you can take advantage of reverse image search technology to find for images by uploading an image. This method is pretty handy if you are wondering if your new acquaintance is using a fake picture or not.

  • Go to Google Image and click on the camera icon in the right corner of the search bar. A new window will pop up where you will be prompted to upload an image from your computer or a URL.

Google Image Search
You can download and save your acquaintance’s Facebook photo and upload it, or you can directly paste his or her photo link in Google Image. If your friend’s photo is private, you can also use a small picture that appears on his or her profile. To get the image link, right-click on the photo and select Copy Image Location if you are under Firefox and Copy image URL  for  Google Chrome.

  • After uploading your image, click on search. If the photo has taken from the web, Google Image will return all web pages where this photo is present.

With this powerful method, you can now easily find out who is using a fake profile picture on Facebook or any social networking  websites.

Identify fake Facebook profile in by friends list

Most of the female fake profiles want to chat with girls with sexy words, so they trying to add more girls. Sometimes those fake profiles acting like lesbian and chatting with girls. But importunately they are connecting with fake profiles only because girls do not become like lesbian. Only fake profiles only act like a lesbian. So If they add completely female friends in Facebook, then I can say they 100% fake profile in Facebook. Fake profiles have Many Males in Facebook friends list.  That is not their fault, boys like to chat with girls so unfortunately they are connecting fake profiles, and fake profiles want to fun with boys, so they are accepting their invitation. Fake profiles definitively have more than 1000 friends in Facebook.

Find a fake profile in Facebook by joining date

Facebook was not showing one person joining date in Facebook, but some tricks to identifying their joining date. Just check their old posts in walls, and then we can find a joining date, and then compare with other profiles that has same photos or matched with this fake profile. Then you can find that which is a fake profile.

find a fake profile in Facebook by Apps Requests

If they really fake profiles then they will send lots of application to others, if they really girls they don’t like to or don’t care in facebook application. But fake profiles sending many Facebook application to their friends.

Find a fake profile in Facebook by Facebook Albums

Facebook fake profiles want to share their photo, so they are not hiding their photo album and profile photo. They are putting their photo album in public view. This is not exactly perfect tips to identify a fake profile, but from my experience I am sharing this tips. We can easily find a fake profile by a photo album because fake profiles are adding many sexy pictures in Facebook for attracting boys.

Identify a fake profile by Favorite Pages

If they are fake profiles they will have less than 20 pages, well almost.

  1. How do I report a fake Facebook account?
  1. Just Go to the profile (timeline) who are fake profiles
  2. Then next Click the setting option  and then select Report/Block
  3. Then you should select a reason for your report, for example, you choose the following option This profile (timeline) is pretending to be someone or is fake)
  4. Then Click Continue option to submit your report.

I hope this guide will help you to find fake Facebook Profiles in your friend’s list. If you know any other working methods, let me know in comments.

How To Make Money From Facebook Easily

Money From FB
Many people think it is not possible to generate a decent income from Facebook; they are thinking “Facebook is a social networking site, and one can’t earn money from it” . But it’s not true, you can earn money from Facebook just like me. If you are a Facebook freak and addict, then here is the best opportunity for you all. Now you can make money online with Facebook easily along enjoying your Facebook life.

1. Make Money From Facebook By Liking Pages

Recently, I found one nice money making website known Likeasap. Using this website every Facebook user can easily make out some money from their own Facebook Account. You just need to like the Facebook Fan Page or photos and they will give you real money for that, Isn’t nice?

Just follow the below steps to start making money from Facebook :
1. Register at Likeasap.com and connect your real FB and Twitter Account with it
2. You will see Account Overview page, Start to like the fan pages and follow on Twitter
3. You will credits accordingly. More you like, you will get more money.
4. When you will 15.00 EUR, you can apply for payment via paypal or alertpay (You can directly transfer the amount from Paypal and Alertpay to your bank account)

Tips : You can refer friends with your own referral link and you can earn more money. But you need to refer real and long lasting friends, and don’t try to cheat them.

2. Make Money By Sharing Shortened URL’s On Facebook

We are sharing so many links in Facebook every day. let’s try to make some money from it. Its very simple, you share your shorten urls with people and get paid for every click .The only difference  is when someone clicks on your link there is a ad before they are redirect to  actual website. Let’s check some url shorter website that pays for shortening URL’s.

AdF.ly   The URL shortener service that pays you  Earn money for every visitor to your links.Adf.ly
The other best url shotner service that pays you. adf.ly  will pay you a revenue share of  up to $4 per 1,000 visitors. Just look at the above screenshot. It is my adf.ly earning screenshot, click it to enlarge the image. Sign Up for adf.ly from here.

                                                  You can find lot of other posts to “make money from Facebook” in the web . I tried every single tricks, but nothing worked. I hope you enjoyed my article on Making money  from Facebook and if you have any problem or want to share your own tips then please let me know via comments.

Create Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook and Twitter

Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook
Do you want to be different? The best way to showcase your creativity nowadays is posting Stylish or unique Profile Pics on Facebook! You can use services like Frintr to create a unique and stylish Profile pic for your Facebook and Twitter profile. Frintr automatically creates a collage from your friend’s profile pictures and tries to arrange them in such a way that when viewed from a distance they appear to form another image, most often your profile picture. Just have a look at below photos.
Stylish Profile Pics For Facebook

For best results, you will need at least 50 friends! The more friends, more detailed and less repetitive the final collage Frint will appear. You can create as many low resolution (600×600) colleges as you want, free of charge. If you’d like a higher-resolution version then, you need to pay for a digital download or have an A3 print posted to you.

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It is very simple to create profile pic with Frintr. Just visit www.frintr.com and click connect with facebook. Frintr asks for permission, just click on Log In With facebook. Done! Frintr automatically detects your current Facebook profile pic and create an amazing profile picture from all your friend’s pictures. You can also use websites like Malayalis Corner and Best Pic Store to find awesome DP for you Facebook and Twitter profile pictures.

How To Send Colourful Text In Facebook Chat

Here we are going to learn an Impressive trick, you can send colorful text in Facebook chat box, it’s very easy trick because you just write your message in the input box and click OK. The code automatically generated in a notepad file. Copy only the code and paste it in the Facebook chat box. This trick only work in the Facebook chat box. I have tried and its look awesome (see above image). Try it.
Colorful Texts In Facebook Chat
This chat box created by Hari, and he made a very good interface by which you can easily generate the codes. You can Download the software’s from below download links.
[vc_button title=”Stylish Fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=”http://brieftutorials.com/go/stylish-fonts-vbs/”] [vc_button title=”Rainbow fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=”http://brieftutorials.com/go/rainbow-fonts/”]  [vc_button title=”Mixed fonts.vbs” target=”_blank” color=”default” size=”size_large2″ href=”http://brieftutorials.com/go/mixed-fonts-2/”]
If you don’t have a PC and you want to send colourful texts to your friends just copy the below codes and paste it in your chat box.

Codes are Below with Their Alphabets

  • Hello – [[111356865552629]] [[115430438474268]] [[115807951764667]] [[115807951764667]] [[116564658357124]]
[Copy & Past above code in Chat box For Hello]
  • [[107015582669715]] = A
  • [[116067591741123]] = B
  • [[115602405121532]] = C
  • [[112542438763744]] = D
  • [[115430438474268]] = E
  • [[109225112442557]] = F
  • [[111532845537326]] = G
  • [[111356865552629]] = H
  • [[109294689102123]] = I
  • [[126362660720793]] = J
  • [[116651741681944]] = K
  • [[115807951764667]] = L
  • [[106596672714242]] = M
  • [[108634132504932]] = N
  • [[116564658357124]] = O
  • [[111669128857397]] = P
  • [[107061805996548]] = Q
  • [[106699962703083]] = R
  • [[115927268419031]] = S
  • [[112669162092780]] = T
  • [[108983579135532]] = U
  • [[107023745999320]] = V
  • [[106678406038354]] = W
  • [[116740548336581]] = X
  • [[112416755444217]] = Y
  • [[165724910215]] = Z

I hope above trick helps you to send colorful texts in Facebook chat. If you know any other Facebook tips and tricks please share it in comments.