Top Windows 8 Outstanding Features You Should Know

Top Windows 8 Outstanding Features You Should Know

Windows 8 features
Here’s some Windows 8 features you should know to get the best out of it. In m y opinion windows 8 is far better than windows 7 if you are not a Gamer. Let’s list some of them:

1. Windows Defender (Enhanced Security )

Windows 8 Defender

Windows 8 comes with a good anti virus program in it. Windows Defender is improved a lot and this saves your money to buy a good anti-virus. You have to switch-on its protection. To switch on protection Press Win+Q and type “Windows Defender” in search box and click on windows defender.

2. Two Apps Side-by-side







Now you can run two metro applications side-by-side. You don’t have to choose between applications, you can have both of them at the same time or for that matter you can now easily chat with your facebook friends along with editing your word documents. This will help multi taking in windows 8!

3. Picture Passwords

picture-password-windows 8

Picture password is a new attractive innovative from Microsoft. The picture password works when you join the points to act as your password. To create a Picture password in windows 8 go to Settings- Change PC settings- Users-Create a picture Password

4. The secret Start menu

secret Start menu-windows 8

Moving your mouse cursor down to the bottom-left of the screen and left-clicking switches to the tiled  windows 8 Start page. but if you right-click instead, you’ll be met with a menu linking to key areas of the operating system, including Control Panel, Device Manager, command prompt and the Task Manager etc.

5. Live Syncing

Microsoft has come up with Live Syncing, this feature allows you to sync your settings using your Microsoft Live ID, this can then be imported back to any PC globally. You can find Live synch option under Sync Your Settings tab in the windows 8 PC settings Menu.

6. Refresh Your PC

Refresh Your PC

If at any point, you feel your PC is turning slow or ran into crashes, windows 8 has the extended recovery and utility options through which you can retain your data as it is present and at the same time, refresh your PC. To refresh your PC go to Settings- Change PC Settings- General. You can also find other options like complete reinstall windows 8, Advanced Start Up etc.

7. Share Everything

Share Everything

During any point of time while using windows 8, and extended features like screen snapshot, you can pick and share photos, link etc on e-mail , social networking sites within clicks/taps. The windows 8 Charm Bar (Win+C) is the innovative right slide bar, with which you can share at your ease during your navigation into windows 8

8. Simpler shutdown


It’s the same keyboard shortcut as in previous versions of Windows, but it’s worth mentioning here because Windows 8 makes shutting down your PC more drawn out. Rather than opening the Charms bar, clicking Settings, selecting the Power button and choosing ‘Shut down’, simply press Alt+F4 while viewing the desktop. You can then press Enter to shut down the PC or choose an alternative option from the drop-down menu. Also you can find more Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts here.

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