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Is your IP Blacklisted- Here's How To Unblock

Is your IP Blacklisted? Here’s How To Remove IP From Blacklist

This Post is for following users:

  • You got CloudFlare captcha while visiting some websites
  • Software like Team viewer blocks your IP
  • Your Facebook accounts are banning too frequently
  • Google shows captcha challenge when to try to search on Google.

I usually end up in blacklisting my IP very often. Becuase I work  with much automated software  available on the web on my PC. Many recommend using Virtual Machine while testing new software or cracks on your PC. But I hate working in a lagging environment and end up in blacklisted IP. You can check your IP address is banned by  checking with your IP on  Whatismy IP blacklist checker. Most of the websites and services using Spamhaus database to find blacklisted IP addresses.

The Spamhaus.org is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to track the Internet’s spam operations and sources, to provide dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks.  First you need to know how your IP is blacklisted; it’s Becuase you probably installed some malware software in your windows. So before requesting to unblock your IP address, you need to remove malware from your PC.  To make things easier open control panel and navigate to ‘Uninstall or change program’. Sort software by installed date by clicking on ‘Installed On’ tab.

remove IP from blacklist

Now you know which software you installed most recently. Just look for suspicious programs and uninstall it from your computer. I use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall software’s because it have built in option to delete all program files and registry keys when  we uninstall. Here’s the checklist before requesting to unblock IP address in Spamhaus.

  •  Make sure that email scanning enabled on your anti-virus program. If you are using Kaspersky Internet security, ensure that you allowed  Mail anti-virus and Antispam and slide security to Maximum.
  • Uninstalled all suspicious software from your system and run a full system anti-virus scan.
  • Download  Norton Power Eraser  and run the scan. It will remove all bad Softwares from system. But before running the scan make sure that you create a system restore point.

After completing all above steps, you can request to remove your IP from blacklist using below links.

CBL Removal       PBL Removal

 Your IP address will remove from blacklist within 24 hours after sending the request. So after that you can visit the websites without captcha checks.

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