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Increase Gaming Performance In windows 8/ Windows 7

If you are a gaming freak then you probably searching for tricks to  Increase gaming performance of your windows 8 or Windows 7 PC! Every month game developers releasing HD games that demands a PC with very high specification. Fortunately if you own a Desktop PC you can upgrade your graphics card and RAM memory and stay ahead of this gaming trend. But what you can do If you have a laptop, there is no way to install or upgrade your graphics card! Also In Desktop computers you need to spend some money to buy a graphics card. If you try to install a HD game without a proper graphics card you may encounter a lot of errors.  I even posted on how you can  fix the NFS Most Wanted 2 Steering Sensitivity  on windows pc  you can check that too.

So here I’m sharing a trick to create a virtual graphics card by  utilizing your RAM as a graphic card memory, so suppose you have 2 GB installed as your RAM then it will access near about 256 MB as the graphic card memory and then keep rest as the normal RAM.  To do this we need a tool named  3D-Analyzer,  it gives a fake report to the system that your windows computer have a graphics card installed.  We have already published a complete tutorial about How to increase android  Gaming Performance  to get started with gaming on your android.

How To Create A Virtual Graphics Card?

  • Download 3D-Analyzer Tool for Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Extract the downloaded package, you will get 3danalyzer-v236.exe  file.
  • Now open this software you will see a big Select button, simply press that to choose your game file that you want to increase gaming performance.
  • Make sure to navigate to the original game directory and select the .exe file of your game you wish to play. You can find the game file probably in C:/Program Files/Game Name/Game.exe. Otherwise you can find game installation directory by right clicking on game shortcut icon and select ‘Open File Location’.
  • Now after selecting that game make sure to adjust settings as mentioned below in the screenshot, just select every setting like below.


  • Now after configuring the 3D analyzer, just press “RUN” option and then just wait and see how your game runs smoothly.

I’m pretty sure that the above trick will increase gaming performance in windows PC! But at-least you need 1 GB of RAM memory to increase the gaming performance using this trick!  You can even save the batch settings for every single using the ‘Save Batch File’ option provided below in the tool. Also it is a good practise to Increase Windows Performance  by clearing registry, temporary files etc. So now you can enjoy HD games in your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC without  wasting money on expensive graphic cards.

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  • Very cool ! will this run games like battel field?

    • Can you share your specs with me! Anyway this trick enhance your gameplay.

  • Every time I click on run, The following messages arrive:
    1. CreateProcess failed.
    2. Error while injecting dll into target process
    What can I do ? Please help.

    • I think you should run it with administrative privilege by right clicking on the icon of the application and selecting “Run as administrator”.
      Please let me know if it worked.

      Have a good day

    • u need to choose the exe file of the game u want to play

  • will ths work

    • Don’t expect any jaw-dropping results. It helps to fix certain lags.


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