Increase Android Gaming Performance To Play HD Games On Low-End Devices (ARMv6...

Increase Android Gaming Performance To Play HD Games On Low-End Devices (ARMv6 and ARMv7)

In this post, I will show you “How to play HD games on Low-end and mid range android smart phones and tablets by increasing android gaming performance. I mentioned ARMv6 and ARMv7 in the heading because of  these processors cause graphic related problems than other ones. But you can run this script on any android processors/ device to boost performance.  This engine will solve any lags and crashes on games, heavy apps and so on. Which most of the mid-range android gamer’s have always wanted. This engine is designed to run in the background real time with android RAM management, therefore it should not be used with any other script applications. This trick will work on all android ROM’s,  make sure your ROM should be clean Installed Without Super Charger or any other scripts which instilled on init.d. I already published a trick to Increase Gaming Performance In windows PC by creating virtual graphics card, check that too.

                          Also you need root access and Busy Box to run this script, you can check root access of your device using Root Checker Android App. RTMixManager Script is developed by Lenarox from XDA, all credits goes to him. In RTMixManager, RT stands for Realtime ram management and Mix for LMK Booster, Dalvik Booster, RPEngine parts, MPEngine9 etc. Watch a video below, please note that the script showing in below video is a previous version. So you may find difference in steps mentioned here, but it too easy follow the instructions what the script says, and it’ll all be okay! Also the lag in video is due to my screen recorder. I can’t find a proper screen recorder for android, If you know any good one let me know in comments.

Download following Scripts before starting Installation: 
  1. Script Manager Android App
  2. BusyBox
  3. VM Lag Tuner MP4 (3.04 KB)
  4. LazerDroid 2.5 (5.62 KB)
  5. RTMixManager (New Version 14-May-13: 60 KB)

Instructions To Increase Android Gaming Performance:

  • Open “Script Manager- SManager” android app and go to:

Options -> Advanced -> Configuration -> Tap Browse As Root. And Allow Superuser Permission.

  • Select all above downloaded files and copy them in a new folder in the SdCard. To view folders and texts properly you may be need to increase browser zoom of  SManager application by going:
Options-> Advanced -> Configuration -> SM File Browser-> Browser Zoom-> Enter 20 and press OK.
  • Browse to new folder from SManager app and Open VMLagTuner_1_9.MP4.pdf As Script/Executable.
  • A window like below will popup, Tap on Su (Super User) and Boot (Only for this script)
  • Now click on Run. It’s doesn’t execute any script, just hit back button and open LaserDroid_2_5.pdf as script/Executable and Tap on “Su”. Run this script by tapping “Run” button.
  • You Will get Some Access Denied in Script ,Dont Panic. It is due to new updated Smanager app.

Installing Game Engines:

  • Open AsScript/Executable And Run It (Don’t forget to tap on “Su”).

It gives you 3 options “install (i), reboot (r) or quit (q), Just type “i ” (without quotes) and enter and accept terms and conditions by typing (a), After you will get this messages

1. where would you like to install?” Ans: Select init.d (i), Some android devices may not support this loop script, and the preferred method to run this wonderful script is to: CHOOSE THEXBIN MODE. If you chooseXBIN mode, you need to run script manually:

  1. Open up terminal emulator (i don’t recommend Smanager cause it doesn’t work with ampersand.)
  2. Type su and enter
  3. Enter rtmixman and enter
  4. Leave it running in the background.
  5. Done! You need to run this script manually every time you want to play game. But If you installed it in init.d, script will be automatically executed right after booting the kernel.

2. How would you like to install it? Ans: Select easy way by typing ‘e‘ and enter Now you greeted with a Table Of Contents. You can select your preferred installation type from here. If you are a gamer select Game Package (g) or you want a multitasking phone select Multitasking Package (m) and also you can select full package if you want to install all engines (Rapid store boot technology 2.1, MP Engine Integrated, AP Boost and Core Engine 2.1). Select your favorite package by typing g/m/f. Now the script will install engines on your android device. After installing script a ReadMe file automatically opens, just press back button and come back to our script. Just restart your phone and enjoy almost all HD Games without lag on your smart phone.

Recommended Reading:

How to check if it works?

Installation directory’s:
init.d Installation: /system/etc/init.d/SS99RTMixManager /system/etc/usrsettings /system/etc/readme.html

Xbin Installation: /system/xbin/rtmixman /system/etc/usrsettings /system/etc/readme.html

Check if there are any one of these files that contains loads of blah blah, then this script installed successfully on your android device. If you have bricked your device after reboot (There is no chance), download the and flash! This will return your rom’s status into right before you install this script.Also bookmark this page and come back later to check new version. Comment here below if you have any doubts.

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  1. thanks all is going in the right way…
    As you said in your steps:-
    “Select all these files and copy them
    in a new folder in the SdCard.”

    please specify, which files you are talking about??
    please reply early, as i am excitingly waiting for your reply… thanks :)

      • When I run rtmix manager it says error resolving interpreter:empty script. Using default shell. what should I do?

    • i got stuck friend..plz help me…

      Whenever I Run “VMLag Tuner_1_9.MP4.pdf”, A Directory appears which says:-
      ” [ : not found ” for approximate 18 times.

      After I exit this Directory, then I opned “LaserDroid” as Acrobet Reader… But It doesn’t open with an Error “The document can not be opened because it is not a valid PDF document.”

      Then I opened “rtmixman_Package.pdf”.
      A Directory opened that always shows to me “permission denied” or “not found” every time.
      And in the end of it, I always Stuck on these options:-
      install(i) , reboot(r) , quit(q)

      I pressed “r” & “q” but they didn’t work.
      Then I pressed “install(i)”… some files were installed but In the end the same Error Occured “Permission Denied”….

      What to do now…Where I’m wrong…
      plz help…i need your guidence… :/

    • Open Script manager app and open VMLagTuner_1_9.MP4.pdf As Script/Executable. Make sure you tick Option-> Advanced -> Configuration -> Browse As Root. And Allow Superuser Permission.

  2. Please can you specify step by step your trick?i don’t understand when you say open lazer droid again.i didn’t se where you recommand to open it .will we tap on boot and su with the two otgers files?.please if you post it with screen shots of the steps it will be more easier for me.i wait you reply

    • Remove all pdf file opening apps from your device (Including File mangers which have pdf editing feature). Long tap on “VMLag Tuner_1_9.MP4.pdf” and select open as-> script/ executable.

    • Type “i” and enter, After you will get this messages:-

      1. where would you like to install?”
      Ans: Select init.d (i)

      2. which mode would you like to install?
      Ans: type c and enter

      3. would you like to install netweaks script by shantam?
      Ans: press y

      4. would you like to apply Dalvic booster (bla..bla..bla..) ?

      Ans: y

      Also Install/ enable other game boosting settings/ scripts like Rapid store boot technology 2.0,RTMxManager Engine, MP Engine Integrated by type y and press enter.

      Note: Don’t forget to read description before installing a engine.

  3. thanks a lot for a new updated steps friend…
    you are outstanding..
    And yeah as per your guidence, I will Remove all pdf file opening apps from
    your device (Including File mangers which
    have pdf editing feature).. lets see what happens.. :)
    But one more query bro…
    By this trick, will I able to play GTA Vice City & GTA3 on my samsung galaxy ace s6802 phone???

  4. ok bro thanks..

    I followed your updated steps & also removed all pdf opening apps & ram manager too..
    But whenever I try to install
    “init.d(i), Netweaks Script, Dalvic Booster, Rapid Store Boot Technology 2.0, RTMxManager Engine & MP Engine Integrated”
    After every installation I always get
    [ : permission denied message..
    unable to install the contents, as might be something is not found there..
    but in between the positive thing is, it showed “enable” for some mods..

    & At the End a message received:-
    “unable to install scripts, please contact to developer”

    So bro tell me… Is it common error messages during successfully installing the script… should i avoid them..?? or I really failed to install them??? need your help plz what to do now I’m jst fedup :(

    • You really failed to install these scripts :( . Can you please confirm you have root access using Root Checker Android App? Also let me know your device details like Model Number, Android version, Baseband version, kernel version, Cpu, Memory etc. (You can find it from settings-> About Phone)

  5. Yes bro, I have a “Root Validator App” from google play.
    And I also have root access. ok I’m telling you the whole thing plz help in solving the problem..
    When I open & press “Do I have root” option in “Root Validator App” then it shows just like below mentioned:-

    Result:- “Yes, everything is good ! your device is successfully rooted.

    Root access test:- Root access works !
    Superuser application:- SuperSU1.25(eu.chainfire.supersu)
    Superuser binary:- 1:15:SUPERSU
    Busybox binary:- Busybox is available.
    Busybox applets:- BusyBox offers 204 applets.

    And my Phone Details are below:-

    Device Details= Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
    Model Number= GT-S6802
    Android Version= 2.3.6
    Baseband Version= S6802DDMA2
    Kernel Version= dpi@DELL210#1
    RAM= 512mb (but System shows only 397mb)
    System storage approx 3gb
    External SD 3.70gb

    Plz check and tell me bro whats the problem, why I’m getting failed to install those script… :(

  6. i downloaded nfs shift from that link but it is not running on my galaxy y…
    i m using chainfire3d with nvidia/qualcomm plugin..

  7. Please can you make a video of the trick and post it on youtube?with that we will copy exactly what you suggested.

  8. buddy will it work while we’re running another tweaks like v6 supercharger?
    or we have to remove it first? please help bcs i have already installed this one but always failed in the last of the installer. they said contact your developer. what does it mean?

  9. I’m just affraid because maybe it will cause bootloop or something..
    I dont have custom recovery, i don’t have nandroid backup of my ROM…
    Maybe if something happens I cannot restore my stuff..

    • I tried this script on my low end smart phone (Galaxy Mini). It’s working fine and this script will never cause bootloop. It is a good practice to take nandroid backup.

  10. how can we finally check whether the better graphic performance has enabled or not after following the above steps ???

  11. bro…i’m traing to install asphalt 7 heat on my galaxy y duos….but it’s apk is not installing…it showing ‘application is not installed’………..
    is this totorial will clear this problem….plzzz replay….:(

    • This script can’t fix ‘application is not installed’ type errors. This script will only increase your phone gaming performance! I think you can’t play asphalt 7 on your Galaxy Y, because of law specs :( .Also I tried to convert asphalt 7 to armv6, but it uses unity Engine Version 4.0, it means its dead end and those games can not be converted.

  12. hey bro I have instaled in xbin and I have tablet with root and my cpu is armv7 plzz I need a video fast I have almost all the hd games I just need to instalet plzzz help. mee…

  13. Man !!! I also got problemz just like above users have whenever I tried to install ,it says permission denied I have tried xbin mode but nothing happens

  14. Yes of course I have rooted galaxy y plz help me I have played brother in arms ,avatar , gangtar ,nfs shift etc using chainfire but some of them lags so I prefer to this post

  15. I have Micromax A57, Before following your steps, I tried installing N.O.V.A. and Assassins Creed, they worked without a lag with chain fire 3D, but the problem occurs with Subway Surfers and Temple Run, they do run, but lag a bit and sometimes even force close..!
    HELP ME PLEASE! If I follow this step, will those games work without a lag? and without a force close?
    P.S. I have a Custom Rom in my phone, so will these tweaks work on that?

    • I think this can’t overcome subway surfers lag. Subway surfers lag is due to splash screen, so download apk from above comment and play. This script work on any custom ROM!

  16. Yaar after doing all the steps correctly at the end it shows failed to install properly contact developer I hv clicked ”su” in all the scripts

    • When the script ask for “Where would like to install?” select xbin (x) rather than selecting init.d (i). Id still you get same error, let me know your device model Number, android version, Build Number etc.

    • If you installed script in xbin, you need to run this script manually every time you want to play a game. But If you installed it in init.d, script will be automatically executed right after booting the kernel.

  17. Yes I had tried init.d ,xbin.d
    Model no. gt- s5360 galaxy y
    Android version 2.3.6
    Baseband version s5360DDLA2
    kernel version dpi@dell148#1
    Built number GINGERBREAD.DDLA3

  18. how would you know if rtmixman is running in background? after you manually install it by terminal emulator.

  19. after typing rtmixman in terminal emulator.. it says “/system/xbin/rtmixman[187]: cannot create /proc//oom_adj: No such file or directory”

  20. Bro , I think I installed the script correctly all the three files are showing exactly at the same place. Bro which type of games now I am able to play,,,, ”galaxy y user”

  21. bro i have installed gta 3 from above link 95 mb data, i hav placed data correctly when i open the game acpt eula certificate and minimize the game and when open it again it shows black screen and closes please suggest what to do

  22. after i installed i went to rtmixmanager in smanager it says unknown version identified, uninstall before install
    what does this mean
    i have a samsung galaxy ace duos gt s6802 and i chose init.d while installing

  23. i got failed install.plz help my device is huawei c8810 it say failed to install properly looks like
    gathering setup information
    mount: applet not found
    mount: applet not found
    mount: applet not found
    installing requirement components….
    mkdir failed for /sqlite_stmt_journals,Read-only file system
    unable to chomd / sqlite_stmt_journals: NO such file or directory..
    …blur blur
    and other sames to
    finall i got this message failed to install properly
    ….please contact the devloper for help.
    plz help me out of this problem thz

  24. Hey Bro…. With thia installation temple run,2,Oz and dead trigger installs and works in Galaxy ace duos 6802 plz reply urgently i exited for playing this game …
    And can i install ICS rom on my galaxy ace duos plz help me…?

    • can play.. Also you can install ICS/ Jellybean (CM10) on your Galaxy ace duos 6802, follow this tutorial- . You need to install clockworkmode recovery before following this tutorial. Google it for more info

  25. Dude i installed temple run 2, into the dead and battlefield bad company 2 but when i stqrt the game the first screen come and then suddenly it takes me to my home screen. The game doesnt start.
    I have samsung galaxy ace duos gt s6802.
    I tried to solve this problem by using chainfire but no difference

  26. yes i rooted my device i also installed chainfire3D link2sd so my device is rooted right? i also have su.plz i want to install that script will i need to change read/write manually ? or should i change smanager ? what to do plz any way thz alots bytheway i also tap on su before runing all scrip files

  27. oh i think my games like temple run 2 and other mid end 3d games are starting to lag i really hope this isnt the cause, i need to eliminate my suspions by uninstalling the scripts…what do you think

  28. I got it :-) uninstall all the script and reinstall worked for me but still lags on duan and caty ,call of mini zombies nothing special changed for me :-( even use ram manager chainfire3D gamebooster, last thing to do is swapper and v6 supercharge that not work on my device! :-D my cpu is 800mhz 416 mb ram! There is another game problem is surf! downladed from makeuseandriod is out to window while loading anyway u so nice and thz for reply …..thz a lot!

  29. hi Sebin…i am Gaurav dis side…
    i have spice stellar MI-495…its armv7 already and have qHD display with 960*540 display…
    i am not to play games like backstab, spiderman….pls help me with a solution….

    • Probably you downloaded wrong apk and data. So just search in google like this = “Gamename+ apk for Power VR” . This script only can improve your gameplay by reducing lags, freezes etc.

  30. Hi, I have Micromax A87 with custom rom Project Dark.I installed chainfire (rooted phone).But lags in templerun and subway etc.can i play with zero lag these games. plz recommend some games for me.

  31. hi sebin…hw r u??
    bro….my phn has PowerVR…then powerVR will only apply na…?? can other pulgin will do the needful??

    & also need to know 1more thing..was just googling abt gaming performance, so came acroos abt MSAA & EGL drivers???

  32. hi Sebin…Gaurav this side again…
    i downloaded the files from the link you gave for the Backstab…bt still its graphcs r nt coming good…after using Chainfire also…wat to dooo??

    • They are already stated that “Not all games may work with every PowerVR GPU phone, there are many variables like: firmware, phone model, etc..” . I think it is due to your hone model :(

  33. Sebin… its a request yr…pls look into my phone little bit…its specifications & all…Strengths & the weaknesses of the phone…

    earlier I had ZTE BLADE…I used to get evrything abt it on XDA…about it m not getting nythg…dats y m troubling u…

    My phn is Spice MI-495….pls luk into it…

    Gaurav here

  34. what kind of games i can play with this method?
    i did all that you said but it did not work.

    i tried playing-
    batman arkham city lockdown which crashed after intro video.
    backstab which also crashed after intro video
    modren combat 4 which crashed after gameloft hd logo intro video.

    so any ideas what to do ?
    also i did not understand how to check the method works how should i check it?

  35. Hi, i just tried this and everything installed correctly (on Xperia Neo V – CM9). I even saw improved FPS on Intensive games like Dungeon hunter 4, Monster blade, Heroes of Order and Chaos and so on. But the problem is that those games crash much more often than before applying these scripts. (must i choose between lag and crash ? :D)
    I also have made a lot of performance changes on this phone like kernel and build.prop tweaks, cpu overclocking and so on. Should i restore some back to default for this script ?
    Thanks for your help all this time ^_^

  36. Hi again, i wrote yesterday (Neo V) and did what you suggested. But the problem kind of fixed itself before that :D. Even playing on max cpu settings (~1600 Mhz), i can play without crashes (well, they still do happen sometime, as before installing script)), but it`s not as much of a problem as low FPS. Tried running on ~1400 Mhz, and had a bit of performance drop on games…
    Also, there is this constant problem which i can`t seem to find solution to – Stuttering. This script helped quite a lot for the FPS, but i still encounter a lot of mini-freezes. For example – Dungeon hunter 3 & 4. Movement is smooth and almost fluent (once phone gets used to the game), but whenever some kind of action or event is performed, like attacking, casting a skill or monster spawning nearby, i get those lag spikes for approximately 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Any ideas why ? maybe input has something to do with it ?
    Your advice is greatly appreciated ^_^

  37. Heyho . Am having a problem while installing the RTMixManager so whatever the file is, when it comes to typing words , i can’t even type any words.. So, the question is , ” WHY? ” I’ll be waiting for the answer .

    • Yeah . i did tap on the screen , the keyboard comes out but when i type a words, it doesnt show up.
      Btw, do i have to install it while on stock rom or can i install it when im using a ussrv5 rom + overclocking it to 1.2ghz. Am SGY though..

  38. ‘gud day pal, i’m having a problem installing rtmixmanager, when i install it in the question: (where do you want to install?) my only option is init.d or i, why xbin or x option is not listed?, i think init.d is not compatible with my phone. my phone is LG P970,Baseband v: LGP970AT-00-v20g-SEA-XXX-JUL-03-2012+0,kernel v: 3.0.8-cm+ blinky-ghost@cyanogenmod#1 TUE Feb 19 03:19:29 PST 2013,CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev2(v71),memory: 437mb, cyanogenmod version: 10.1-20130219-NIGHTLY-p970., pls helppp!!! :(

  39. when i try to execute VMLagtuner it shows permission denied every time. i have a rooted samsung galaxy s duos. i ticked the box browse as root and gave superuser permission to script manager. but still i am facing the same problem. what should i do?

  40. Hi Sebin…
    bro pls luk into my phn…its SPICE MI-495…
    i have tried many versions of many HD games….
    tried all the techniques, like chainfire, changing build.prop, your way u told above, etc etc….
    but m nt able to play any HD game on my phn…Pls help yrrr..
    really in need…

  41. But Sebin i always download the apk from net and download the data for that from WIFI…
    it means that data cannot be wrong placed & also the data is from the direct source…no tampoering wid the data…it still crashes….

  42. Hey bro trick works as awesome in my galaxy mini/pop. but i have to know that can i play arm7 based games like gta vice… my arm 6 phone?:)

    • You can’t play GTA Vice city on your samsung galaxy mini pop because low ram memory & CPU. But you can download GTA 3 ARMV6 ported apk. So if you want a armv7 game for your armv6 smart phone, always search google with “game name+ armv6 apk” . You can play nfs hot pursuit, nfs shift, assassin creed etc on your samsung galaxy mini.

  43. My phone crashed after installing when i pressed y in reboot so how i know did my phone install it
    . And can.i install ARMV7 -> games(samsung galaxy pocket GT-5300 android 2.3.6)

    • Just comment on that site pal! I’m not a right person to answer that question, anyway I’ll try to help you. This error usually cause due to not enough internal storage, so make sure you have free internal memory. Also uninstall Googleplay version of Subway Surfers before installing mod version.

  44. Hey SEBIN THOMAS can I post this on our forum which is symbianize and help my fellow low-end phone users expienced what I am expiencing right now a HIGH SPEED GAMING WITHOUT LAG. THANKS for this trick it work very good.

    • download the and flash! This will return your rom’s status into right before you install this script! Flashing means goto recovery (power+ home button) select install zip from sd and select the

  45. i am jack. i have try to use S manager, but when instal the VMLag tuner and LazerDroid, just appear script:

    gathering setup information
    mount: applet not found
    mount: applet not found
    mount: applet not found
    installing requirement components….
    mkdir failed for /sqlite_stmt_journals,Read-only file system
    unable to chomd / sqlite_stmt_journals: NO such file or directory..

    my phone is motorola fire xt 530 (ARMV6) and already rooted. What’s wrong with this?

    • Uninstall the script by running RTmixmanager again. Delete any other script in your INIT.D folder before you continue. Also you must have cwm recovery that supports wipe init.d or nandroid backup. Now run RTmixmanger again.

    • Delete any other script in your INIT.D folder before you continue (you must have cwm recovery that supports wipe init.d). Now run RTMixmanager and uninstall this script and restart your phone. Now again directly run RTMixmanager and install ir. No need to run VMLag Tuner or Lazerdroid.

  46. i am jack again Thomas. i’m finish install this script and install chainfire 3D. First, I try to playing game DEAD SPACE in my motorola with setting reduce texture quality to 16 bit and use Qualcomn plugin. The game is very smooth, but when i try to play game CAVERUN and JUGGERNAUT REVENGE OF SOVERING, the game is very lag and slowly. so, what’s matter with this..?

    • Cave Run 3D is compatible with all low end device and doesn’t need this script to run! So contact game developer, he will fix it on next update! To reduce lags on JUGGERNAUT REVENGE OF SOVERING use Seeder Android app (Download Link). It will help you to reduce lags.

  47. When I try to install LazerDroid, I get that error (by the way I named the folder with all downloaded stuff “New Folder”):
    exec sh ‘/mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf’
    # mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf’
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/mount: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/cut: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/grep: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/mount: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/grep: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/cut: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    [: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/sysctl: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/grep: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/grep: not found
    /mnt/sdcard/New Folder/LazerDroid_2_5.pdf: /system/xbin/sysctl: not found

  48. I need help… I’m kinda stuck on the install(i) reboot(r) or quit(q)
    I keep on clicking text but it won’t write on the command..
    can anyone help me plz… tnx..

  49. hello sir,
    ive tried this trick of you.everything went ryt and i got successfully installed all engines and then reboot.but when i checked if the trick worked,the files wasnt there in the folders /system/xbin/rtmixman bla bla…non of the files were there.
    i tried to run all those scripts again and it showed that engines are already installed!!!!

    now wot wud i do?
    im stuck.
    pls help me…!!!

  50. hello bro,I have mx funbook p300 having custom rom funseries v3.0 ICS.I do some init.d tweeks using pimp my rom.Is this work if I install this script in init.d .Please help
    thanks in advance

  51. There’s no /system/xbin/rtmixman file on my device.. i completed the whole process successfully and rebooted it but still can;t find the rtmixman file help!
    i check the full package systems

  52. hey i have qmobile a20 specs r…. 1.2ghz quad core,1gb ram,powervr sgx 544mp,android 4.1.2 and qhd display…so should i do this coz some games like gangstar vegas lags at very high graphics nd also its not compatible for my device

  53. when I installing game engine, the script didn’t ask me “where would you like to install?”
    it just ask me “How would you like to install it?”,
    why I can make the script ask me “where would you like to install?”
    Please help me, I’m new here

  54. I’m sorry forget to explain my device, I am using galaxy pop (GT-S5570I)
    please help me, I’m waiting your explanation about why I can’t find “where would you like to install?” when I installing the game engine,
    that script just ask me “How would you like to install it?”

  55. Bro i got Xperia Sola can i play asphalt 7 heat or mortal combat 4 by following your steps?? pls rply me ASAP………………..!! :) Thanks :)

  56. Please let me know ASAP if i follow these step then can i play asphalt 7 heat mortal combat 4 in xperia Sola plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss waiting for u reply let me know ASAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP……!! :) thanks sir :)

  57. Can i play Eternity Warriors 2 v4.3.1 without crashing? this version worked for 1st time only after that it loads till the end and crashes.
    Before that v3.0.0 worked well and smooth without lags.

  58. When i open the vmlagtuner_1_9.mp4.pdf using smanager then it says “Error
    document cannot be open because it is not a valid document”. Please solve these problem and lazerDroid 2.5.pdf also have this problem but RTMixManager_version….sh works as you says for 1st.
    please find solution.

  59. Help!!! I have installed it the wrong way. I accidentally installed it in Init.D but the script says that my device does not have a support on Init.D…Now i have check the init.d folder and there is a file : /system/etc/init.d/SS99RTMixManager
    /system/etc/usrsettings /system/etc/readme.html

    yeah…ive that path and there is a readme file and ss99rtblahblah file…..Now, i want to uninstall it but this is the big problem…The installer says it cannot uninstall itself…What should I do? Should I contact the developer? I mean how can I contact him? By the way I’m from the Philippines. :) Last question…will it ruin my device? Many thanks :)

  60. Help!!! I have installed it the wrong way. I accidentally installed it in Init.D but the script says that my device does not have a support on Init.D…Now i have check the init.d folder and there is a file : /system/etc/init.d/SS99RTMixManager
    /system/etc/usrsettings /system/etc/readme.html

    yeah…ive that path and there is a readme file and ss99rtblahblah file…..Now, i want to uninstall it but this is the big problem…The installer says it cannot uninstall itself…What should I do? Should I contact the developer? I mean how can I contact him? By the way I’m from the Philippines. :) Last question…will it ruin my device? Many thanks :)

  61. how to install latest minecraft pe on my galaxy y(gt-s5360).Although i already install this but i can’t install minecraft.Please help!!

  62. Hey bud, I think i bricked my phone. its micromax a26. I did everything correct, installation was fine. but after reboot, my phone just wouldn’t respond to touch! i just don’t know what happened, please help :(

    • Just transfer downloaded to you sd card. Now power off your phone and get into Clockworkmod recovery (Using Key Combinations- Probably Volume - and power button) and select Install zip from sd and select this zip file. I hope you have cwm recovery installed, you need to use volume +, minus and menu button to navigate in the recovery menu. If you do not installed cwm recovery, login to normal recovery (use same key combination) and try wipe all data/ factory reset.

  63. I tried power+volume down button, but it shows an exclamation mark beside a phone and nothing happens. what is the problem?

    • Are you pressing the buttons to boot the device or after you have already booted the device?
      – Remove battery of your phone and reinsert.
      – Press Power and Volume Up key together to boot into recovery mode. You need to press the keys together till you see the recovery. If it doesn’t work try different key combinations
      – You should see recovery menu now, otherwise install cwm recovery. Google it for more information buddy.

  64. dude after running ….it still show syntex error: ‘newline’ unexpected… how can i do?

    p.s. i follow all your step correctly….

  65. i just did it with the full package…will this help my music player problem which lag very much in the middle of the song?

  66. i uninstall it again because it made my phone too slow.. i need to wait about 10 sec to go to the main menu, even small game like Pocket Tanks also lag too much which doesn’t lag before i did this . why this happen? i think i did the step correctly. :-(

  67. I installed every script successfully but found no improvement in my gaming experience
    I am playing subway surfer in my galaxy y( armv6 version of the game) but the game still did not run smoothley
    but I have only 2gb storage capacity does it effects smoothness of the game or not?
    sd card-2gb
    built-in storage-0.16 gb
    please help me11
    and sorry for my bad english

  68. hii i downloaded all the files you told and copied them in new folder and when i open vmlagtuner.pdf by smanager appp it says document couldnt open :( pls help my device is galaxy y y duos plz bro pls reply

  69. Thanks everytjing completed as told and i install xbin but by smanager is there any problem :0 ?
    And will u pls tell me ur twitter account name? Pls rply

  70. Hii everything completed as follows but its xbin script and and i run it by smanager when i select innit d i they told ur device does not support this script they they asked do yo want to create xbin script then i said yes and the process completed succesfully and launched a read me file as u told and i click back and reeboot .does that mean it worked ?
    And will yu pls tell me what kind of Hd games can we play and could you pls tell me is there any problm if tried to install galaxy y’s custom ron fory galaxy y duos :O? And wchich is the best custom rom for galaxy y duos incase of high perfomance and game boost
    Pls reply hav a gud day :)
    Plz rply bro plz

  71. hii heartfreak again bro i install the xbin script,because when i click innit d script smanager showed your device does not support this script and asked do yo want to install xbin script and i selected yes and it rund in sManager and it completed and asked to reebot . Does that mean it worked ? Pls reply bro and what are the HD games i can play with this script and i installed subway surfers it worked but nfs shit and temple run installed but not working i have chain fire also and i saw you said to a user galaxy y user that we can mc4 zero hour :) realy pls tell me i want play games like mc4 dead trigger Minecraft pocket edition Gta 3 ganster rio gangster west coast , e.t.c plz help plz :(
    Plz reply bro

  72. Thanks you are realy a great guy :) may god bless u :) and i will add u on fb but im not a freqnt user of fb :( i am always on twitter and i has followed that acnt u mntd and tweeted bt i didnt get any reply and thanks for mentioning gingericegelly is the best rom and thanks agin for saving my phone from bootloop if u dnt told i will installed 4.4 kitkat rom for galaxy y on mine thank yu so much u realy a genius and nice guy:)))
    Are u sure it worked, is SManager capable for installing that script? And i saw a comment that we have to run script manualy if installed xbin script everytime when we want to play the game how to run it? And also pls give the link of the video u made for this ?
    T.c :)))))

  73. Hey there hrtfrk again NFS shift still not working even after changing openGl settings pls help when i open the game it shows ea logo and comes back to menu pls help :( pls bro
    And i hve downloaded armv6 optimised games still not working :'((

  74. Brooo i need ut help pls :( after following all steps after choosing zip from sd gingericgelly it says installation aborted :'( what to do pls help :( plzzzz

  75. Thanks bro it worked……………….i was not able to play real racing 3 but now it is working…………………..

  76. Bro i followed all of your steps and completed the installation and reboot process,but will this make run those apps which force closes like some games and my Cell Phone Is Acer Liquid Mini 2.3.5..Thanks for the caring help,brother :) :D

  77. sir after specifying last command as (g),an error comes as failed to install administrator..Im using s5360

  78. i am intex aqua marvel user.i installed the above script successfully.but while playing a game ‘vector’ it is re booting.the same script tested on lg optimus l3 and it worked properly.pls help

  79. finished the procedure, let me see if its really works :D


    i found something? the system said my tablet don’t have int.d then it asked me if i want to create or go with xbin, i try to create and it looks like it worked coz it finished the process like in the instructions here

  80. why there is no “/system/xbin/rtmixman” shown in system/xbin folder after the installation. Done all the steps above and all went right but after seeing the list in How to check if it works? no /system/xbin/rtmixman seems to appear? can you tell me author why can’t i see this file?, anyways thanks for this wonderful post!

  81. i have micromax a61 bolt but this phone not running games in good graphics in subway surfers and this script work in my a61 bolt yes or no plz tell me

    • Your phone have only 256 MB RAM, that’s why the game lags. So free up your RAM memory as much as possible and try to play the game. This script can’t do any wonders on your phone because you are suffering from low physical RAM, anyway give a try!

  82. i have rooted my phone for about 6 months, used chainfire 3d on my karbonn a2+ but i am unable to play hd games i am unable to understand your method please reply and suggest a video or something by which i am able to understand all this procedure and also tell me that does my phones kernel support memory swapping and whether my device is compatible for this method

  83. hello sebin.. I have done everything you mentioned above.. i am stucked on when it ask for install(i), reboot(r) or quit(q).. i try to type but it is not able to show anything there.. you said to install “seeder” app.. but its not free in playstore.. i am just close to change up my galaxy y S5360 .. kindly help me out!!
    yours faithfully..

  84. i have a problem dude…while running ‘rtmixmanager’ in background , my keyboard doesn’t work for choose option in ‘your choice’..please find out my problem and give a fine solution. please help

  85. i successsfully installed but after i reboot my device(mmx funbook p300)all data is lost…. help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  86. Is it safe to install those apps and use the code provided? I mean will it not overheat the CPU or something? I really cannot risk my phone’s life hehe

  87. Hi Sebin.
    I have the Galaxy S3 mini. I downloaded all files as you have listed, installed also Smanager and busybox. When I try to execute the VM lagtuner file, I get syntax error : unexpected redirection. Any solution to this? I watched the video but the first two steps regarding VMLAGTUNER and LAZERDROID are simply not happening. RTmixmanager installs but I have to use XBIN method…. And then in terminal emulator it says rtmixman not found….. any ideas?

  88. Yes i have done it !!! It was a little bit tricky because u didn’t say to intall busybox u provided in the list so it was like that you were saying to just download 1st 4 times i failed then i just launch the busybox app & installed it then the process worked thnx>>will give a try to some games ??

  89. hey!! bro thanx for ur wonderfull reick but..after following all these description when i tried to play temple run oz then again i have to face laggings and it stopped unfortunately…if u could help me then i,ll be highly obliged to you!!!

    • Can you share your device model here? In games like temple run the lag is due to splash screen, I afraid it can’t be fixed using this trick! You may download ported apk and play it without lags on your android device.

  90. When i do the full package after that i got failed to install properly
    …please contact the developer for help

  91. My family members every time say that I am wasting my time here at net, but I know I am getting experience every
    day by reading thes good articles.

  92. hy,st
    am using s duos 2
    am succesfully root my device with odin can i use those script without risk cuz am installed chainfire3d when i install the driver my phone briked
    is this safe for s duos 2 and mmx canvax 4

    • Til now fortunately this script doesn’t brick any devices! If it bricked your device, you can unbrick your device using (Download Links at the bottom of the post).

  93. Comment:pls no option came as ‘where would you like to install it’ after i accepted terms and skipped to the (g/m/f) packages.why something wrong?

  94. Hi, i’m wondering if this will help with Slingshot Braves game, have an HTC Desire HD, rooted and with a custom KitKat rom, could you please test? It’s a very demanding online game, at least for my phone, runs but with much lag involved, have tried swapp, overclocking but not much gain, so i’m wondering if this script would make much difference.

  95. Comment:i found this article while i was searching for some games for my device and looks soo intersting Nice job.. …. my problem is im having a device called innos i5(dialog i43)
    specs-RAM-512(394) usable..
    Processor-Qualcomm msm7227a 1.008GHz
    GPU-Adreno 200
    Display size-480*800.
    OS-Android 2.3.5
    soo currently im playing temple run 2 ,OZ, Dead trigger, CSR Racing, Bladeslinger,subway surfers… etc.and i do like to know ,is my device can run asphalt 7,nfs hot persuit, shift, NOVA Games… waiting for your reply.. Thnx..

      • thnx for your reply.. i installed nfs hp and it worked perfectly….. can you say weather my phone can install a custom recovery…. i tried everything and still im unable to find a cwm for this device..??

  96. i have a device called innos i5(dialog i43)specs-
    RAM-512MB(394 Usable)
    GPU-Adreno 200
    CPU-Qualcomm msm7227a 1.008GHz
    Display size-480*800(4.3 inch)
    Android 2.3.5
    currently im running temple run 2,OZ,Subway surfers, Bladeslinger, CSR Racing, Dead trigger, highway rider
    blood and glory etc with out no lags…
    i want to know weather my device can run asphalt 7,nfs hotpersuit, nfs shift, asphalt 8 games… im waiting for your reply..

  97. when i try to run Vm and lazerdroid it says [:not found only and while runninig rtmixmanager it says coud not successful please contact the developer
    sorry for my bad english

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