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How To Verify Facebook Page

How To Verify Facebook Page/Profile Using Verification Request Form

We know that there are thousands of pages are in Facebook for entertainment, business, social activities  and  fans of particular celebrity. Most of them claims to be legitimate but turns out most of them are fake. To prevent this Facebook has introduced a new technique to verify your Facebook  page which will be shown by a blue tick badge next to the name. This blue tick means that your Facebook page is verified by the Facebook officials and it’s legitimate. So today we will discuss how to verify Facebook page using verification request form.  Before beginning there are some requirements to submit your Facebook page.

Requirements To Verify Facebook Fan Page

Before submitting your Facebook fan page for verification, you need following things to make it  your request more valuable.

  • First and most important your Facebook page must have good amount of likes, atleast 20000 before submitting.
  • You must write your full fan page info with an active address.
  • Your Facebook page fan page must contain an official website.
  • Not only website, the website must be in good condition.
  • Your website must contain an Facebook like box.
  • Not only in Facebook you must have fan page in Google plus,twitter etc..
  • Last not the least, your page must be active.

Verify Facebook Page / Profile Using Verification request form

So if you have all the above requirements then proceed to their official Facebook fan page verification request form.

Click Here To Go To  official page Verification Form

Details to be filled in the above request box


Facebook verification form

First you have to select your page whether it is official or business related. Then you have to submit your photo ID or article incorporation if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company. Then at last you have to provide link for your official website which is active and related to your Facebook page. After the submission of your verification page you will receive a thanking  mail.

NOTE:  You should have patience after submission of the form because sometimes it will take weeks and months  for Facebook to verify your Facebook page. They will run a background check on your page, so during that time you should be active on your page otherwise there’s a chance that it may get rejected. We do not guarantee 100% that your Facebook page will get verified but if you correctly follow all the above steps one by one then it will surely get verified. Best of Luck.

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