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How To Remove Ban From Whatsapp Plus

Nowadays WhatsApp has started to give out a 24 hour ban to those people who are using WhatsApp Plus, saying that  you are temporarily banned from Whats App for violating their terms of service. Most of the users had no idea why they have been banned from WhatsApp and if you are still using WhatsApp Plus after 24 hours then the ban will extend for 72 hours. So if you still want to use WhatsApp Plus without getting any ban then we have a solution for you. A new updated version  of the WhatsApp Plus has been released just a few days ago (WhatsApp Plus v6.76)  which will help you to use WhatsApp Plus for infinite time without getting any notification or  warning. This is not a malware or any other dangerous software because we tested it ourselves.


  • In WhatsApp Plus you can change the color of icon bar, customize size and many other things.
  • You can also customize themes of your choices
  • Maximum upload size has been increased to 30 MB.
  • Upload your photos in original size without decreasing its resolution.
  • This version of WhatsApp Plus is Ad Free.
  • In this version you can directly see the  status of your friend in the chat screen itself.
  • In this version you can hide last seen and your status from people you don’t want to share.
  • You can also hide your contact profile picture.

You can find more features here: What Is The  Difference Between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus?


  • This version has a change in signature so you have to uninstall previous version and install this version.
  • Attach icon has been changed.
  • You can use this version for infinite times so there will be no warning after 180 days.
  • The theme is pure black instead of grey.
  • material design implemented.

How To Unban Whatsapp Plus?

  • Download  WhatsApp Plus v6.76 APK file  to your Phone or PC.
  • You need to backup your conversation before uninstalling it for this open WhatsApp go to  chat settings and select Backup Conversation.
  • Uninstall current WhatsApp version.
  • Install the above WhatsApp to your phone.
  • After installation open it – Click on AGREE & CONTINUE – Enter your phone number.
  • Now you can restore all your chat by simply pressing “Restore” button.
  • It will take little bit time to restore, after finishes Restore press Continue and enjoy your new WhatsApp Plus.

I hope this guide helped you to remove ban from Whatsapp plus. If you have any question, please feel free to ask in comments.




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  • Comment: I’m banned from using wahtsapp plus since last week Saturday, I get the msg “your temporarily banned from using whatsapp until certain hrs you will be allowed” but it seems after elapsing the given time the circle starts again with more hours

    • Did you download this? Did it help?


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