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How To Install KitKat On Xolo Q1010i?

Here we are going to install official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update on Xolo Q1010i. Also, this guide will also be helpful if you can‘t install updates using Xolo care application. Please ensure the battery is around 40% and above before starting the upgrade process. Please check USB cable not connected neither to PC nor Charger.

  • Download the KitKat Upgrade Software to Your Computer
  • The downloaded file is in zip format, do not unzip the file. Make sure that the file  saved with the name: update.zip
  • Copy the Upgrade Software to Your Phone using USB cable provided. To do that connect your phone to your computer. Upon successful USB connection, turn on the mass storage from the notification panel
  • On the PC: Phone gets detected as a Mass storage device. The drive now appears on your computer as a Mass storage device. a. Windows drive seems underMy Computer. In MACs drive appears under Devices in Finder.
  • The file should save to the root of the phone memory (4GB Drive). In other words, do not save the file in subfolder in the storage device.
  • Once the copy is complete, disconnect the phone from PC.

You can Install KitKat On Xolo Q1010i using two different methods. Personally the first one doesn‘t work for me. I record a video tutorial while installing Android 4.4.2 KitKat on my Xolo Q1010i, Watch it below:

Upgrade Xolo Q1010i Using XOLO Care app

  • Open Xolo Care android application from app drawer
  • In tab UPDATE, click on Check for software update
  • Click continue.

KitKat-On-Xolo-Q1010i Screenshots

  • Please be patient! Your phone is about to get upgraded to Android Latest version 4.4.2.

Upgrade Xolo Q1010i To KitKat Using Android Stock Recovery

If above method didn‘t work for you, you could install KitKat using stock recovery. To enter android stock recovery on Xolo Q1010i,

  • Power off your smartphone, your phone will vibrate after it completely switched off.
  • Now press Volume down+ Power button simultaneously. Wait few minutes to enter stock recovery.

Update 13/11/ 2014- Key Combination Working (If above didn‘t work):

  1. Press Power Button+ Volume Up  to Enter Select Boot Menu Mode. From here you can select three options. Recovery, Fastboot and Normal mode.
  2. On this screen press Volume up to Navigate and Volume Down to select. So place the pointer towards Recovery mode by pressing volume up key and press volume down key.
  3. If you stuck at ‘No Command‘ screen, just press the power button. Now it redirects you to recovery Menu.
  • Stock recovery doesn‘t support touch inputs, so you need to press volume down button to Navigate and Volume Up button to Select.
  • If you are stuck at No command screen, just press volume up or volume down or power button.
  • Select Apply Update from sd card and navigate to your phone memory. Now select Update.zip and press volume up key. It will install KitKat on your Xolo Q1010i automatically.
  • After install complete, you will be redirected to stock recovery home page. Now select reboot.
  • It may take 5 minutes to complete reboot. Wait and enjoy brand new KitKat on your Xolo Q1010i.

I hope I covered all steps to install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on Xolo Q1010i. You can check genuinely of you installed KitKat OS by going

  • Setting- About- Tap on Android Version tab couple of time very rapidly.
  • It displays a faded  K symbol. Then again touch a couple of times on the K  symbol.
  • It displays a fresh red KitKat animation. Long tap on the Android logo gives an another cool animation.

If you have doubts or problems regarding your Xolo Q1010i, feel free to comment below.

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26 comments… add one
  • I tried updating my Xolo Q1010i to Kitkat but got the following error:

    no file_contextsverifying current system
    “/system/bin/app_process” has unexpected content”

    I have not installed Xposed or busybox and have never rooted my device. Please help

    • This error usually occurs when Xposed framework installed on your device. But you said, you didn’t installed it! Just check your device root access status by installing Root Checker android app (In case If someone else rooted your device!!).If you had XPOSED FRAMEWORK INSTALLED You need to install the Xposed-Disabler-recovery.zip which should be on your phone after installing the xposed framework. Also The OTA updates does not work on rooted phones! Either unroot or install manually! If you have root access, try below steps:
      1. goto /system/bin/app_process
      2. There is an app_process.orig file and app_process file.
      3. .orig means original and you need to delete the current app_process file and rename the .orig file to app_process. (remove .org extension)

      I hope this will help you to fix “/system/bin/app_process” has unexpected content” error (Probably work on all android devices).

  • how to unroot my xolo q1000 without pc.

  • I tried above method on my new cell xolo q1010i but didn’t find “Apply Update from sd card” option , I got only auto test, manual test, reboot etc. options after pressing Volume down + Power button simultaneously. Help me to update it to kitkat.

    • Sorry for the mistake, Press Volume Up + Power Button simultaneously to enter recovery mode.

  • I have rooted my xolo Q1010i and when i am installing kitkat i got error in bit case what to do?

    • You need to unroot your Xolo Q1010i to install OTA updates (Over The Air). Also remove XPOSED FRAMEWORK if installed!

  • I have installed framaroot and after I reboot my xolo Q1010i the supersu app icon does not appear. I get confuse whether my phone is rooted or not

    • You can check your phone root access using Root Checker android application (Link)

  • am getting the following error during the updating can anyone help:
    Installing update….
    Warning: no file_contextsPackage expects build fingerprint of xolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/JDQ39/1398156470:user/release-keys or
    xolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/KOT9H/1403571776:user/release-keys;this device has xolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/JDQ39/1395469574:user/release-keys.
    update.zip is incorrect
    Installation aborted

  • While updating xolo q1010i I face error of memory partition setting please help me

  • shall I try this for xolo q500?

  • thanx buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had android 4.2.2 installed on my nxolo q1010i and i followed your steps of updating to 4.4.2 and succeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx thanx thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there any problem regarding the preloaded application in xolo q1010i after updating because I’ve heard that after updating the device the network problem occurs and the camera also don’t work it shows that camera can’t be connected…. Is that so..??

    • No, camera working fine. Also till now I don’t have any issue with network.

  • Um,In my phone there’s screen a showing no command I’ve tried everything(wiping,rebooting,applying update from sd card)but none of them worked! So what should I do now?

  • Kingmaster is diffrent in ma device… i dnt get it…

  • i download the zip file through xolo q1010i but wen i tried system updates in the said xolo care it doesnt work so i tried in settings,- about phone- system updates but it shows error..Installing update….Warning: no file_contextsPackage expects build fingerprint of xolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/JDQ39/1398156470:user/release-keys orxolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/KOT9H/1403571776:user/release-keys;this device has xolo/q1010i/q1010i:4.2.2/JDQ39/1395469574:user/release-keys.update.zip is incorrectInstallation aborted..plz help

    • you need to re- download entire package again. Your download is interrupted.

  • i am getting the following error while the installation takes place :
    –Install /sdcard…
    Error : Invalid partition setting
    1: mbr c00000:880000
    Installation aborted .
    please help
    (have tried to install the update by transferring update.zip file to sdcard and sdcard2 and i believe my device is unrooted )

  • I downloaded the update and then when I tried installing through stock recovery ,it failed saying warning: no file_contextsverifying current system. . . “/system/app/plus one.apk” has unexpected contents.
    Update.zip is not correct.
    Installation aborted.
    Plz help me.

  • When i update my phone my phone’s system gets corrupted and it doesn’t start after reset also and i have to give it to repair in the service senter.


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