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How To Complete Fileice Survey 2015

Fileice is a Pay Per Download (PPD) site from which you can download your files after completing a survey. Of course, completing Fileice survey is not a piece of cake. It requires your patience and those who don’t have patience like me don’t bother to complete the survey, but unfortunately they may  need that file badly. There are lots of tricks you can find in internet to complete Fileice survey but most of them don’t work. So finally we are going to teach you some working tricks to    Complete Fileice Survey and if one doesn’t work for you always try the next one.

Bypass Fileice Survey Using Using Quickdl  Method

  • If you are using a VPN connection then use the Indian proxy. for Indian proxy go to:  Gather Proxy Indian Proxy List. If you are from India, no need to use Indian proxy!
  • Now you have to clean all your browsing history and cookies from your browser.
  • Now we need to change those Fileice URL with Quickdl URL.

for ex:  Change  http://fileice.net/download.php?file=3y5d3 to  http://quickdl.net/3y5d3

  • Now open the newly created link “http://quickdl.net/3y5d3”.
  • In next page  click on free download option and select “Play rummy on Indias #1 site!” survey..

complete fileice survey method 2

  • Now fill the information box with fake info using:  fakenamegenerator.com
  • Now use fake email generator if it asks for your email:  fakemailgenerator.com
  • You can use your real name and email address too. But you may get promotional offers from different site.
  • After the registration  complete,  verify your email id.
  • At last a full open page will open and your download will start immediately.

Bypass Fileice Survey Using Zenmate method

For your information this method works best with Google Chrome Browser.

  • Download and install Zenmate extension from here:  Zenmate Google Chrome Extension Download Link.
  • After installing, Zenmate extension will appear next to address bar,  now click on it.
  • In the case if it’s not turned ON, turn it ON by toggle given in the bottom.


  • click on the ‘change location’ link in the left bottom corner and change your current location to USA.
  • Now you have to clear you browsing history, cache and cookies from your browser by going menu  –  tools Clear browsing data or pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Del.
  • Now go to your Fileice survey link and choose “Regular Download”  option.
  • You will see some surveys and choose one of those surveys.  All the survey here you saw are simple and easy to complete, because Fileice have a lot of advertisers in United States.
  • Now it will redirect you to your survey page, complete the required text boxes with fake info.
  • In case it asks for an email use fake email using email generator:  fakemailgenerator.com
  • If it asks for your personal info generate fake details using:  fakenamegenerator.com/
  • Now at last your file will start to download automatically.

I hope this post helped you to  complete Fileice survey . If you know any other working tricks to bypass Fileice survey please share it in comments.

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  • Bro! I tried alot using those foresaid cookies,cache cleaning,etc and also using both indian & us ip. First i downloaded 2 files from quickdl & fileice using fake mail,name generators. After that i tried daily, survey is successfully completed but the file are not unlocking.. plz help me bro….

    • Probably you have tried a misleading link from a spammy website!! There are lot of people attempting to earn through surveys by targeting low competition keywords.


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