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Facebook Tips and Tricks 2014

Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015 – You Should Try

We all use Facebook daily, eh! So we must know Facebook Tips and Tricks to make use of Facebook. Previously I published a unique posts for each Facebook tips and trick, but today I decided to share all known Facebook tricks in this post.

  • Online Now – Whenever you are offline, you cannot see your online friends. However we do have the habit of knowing who is online while we are offline. To make this task easy, just search the application Online Now in Facebook search bar.
  • Remove all Facebook ads – You can use the Greasemonkey Script in Mozilla Firefox ” Facebook: Cleaner ” to remove all ads. Basically it will hide all the Facebook ads on the page. If you use Google chrome to browse the web you can use  Tampermonkey  extension to install the user script.
  • Live Stream TV – You can watch live streaming tv on Facebook. There is an app called TVDREAM-APP. Search for this app on Facebook search bar. Once you authorize it, you can watch live stream.
  • Make Video with your pictures on FB – Visit pixable.com and you can make a nice video of your Facebook photos.
  • Trick to publish empty status:  Login to your Facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.
[code type=codetype]  @[2:2: ]  [/code]
  • How to find who deleted/Unfriended you on Facebook?:  You can find who deleted or unfriended you on Facebook using an application called who delete me.  This application will back up all your friends list when you sign up for the first time and notifies via mail whenever there is a change in your friends list.

Facebook  Tips And Tricks You Must know:

How To Combine Joint Facebook Cover with Profile Picture

  • First you should go on this site Tickedoutimeline.
  • Choose Best quality picture for Example i am using Below Photo.


  • Now scroll Down and Click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo.
  • Now just click Choose File and Upload your Timeline cover Photo.
  • Now click on Cover Photo and wait for few second and watch.


  • After 5 second your Cover and profile photo ready for download.
  • Just download these picture and save it in your pc.  Now upload these photos and watch your attractive timeline.

How to delete your Facebook account permanently?  

Facebook gives you the link to deactivate the account in the account settings. But there is no option to DELETE your Facebook account permanently. However that option is available but not in the account settings. You can find this option in the Facebook help. Here is the direct link for you in case you want to delete your Facebook account – https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account .

Open this link. Fill the form and Don’t login to Facebook for next 15 Days. It will be deleted.

Make Your Friends Wipe their Facebook Screen Using  Zalgo Text Generator Tool

Make Your Friends Wipe their Facebook Screen

  • Go to Zalgo Text Generator Tool
  • There you can find various design and zalgo texts.
  • You can choose the one of your wish and create your own text.
  • Then copy the text go to your Facebook Account and paste it over there and then publish.
  • Your status will be updated with the Zalgo text.
  • That‘s all guys in this way you can prank with your friends with this Zalgo tool.

An Easy way to view Private Facebook Profile Picture in Full size

Some people on Facebook set their image privacy settings to “Only me”.We will not be able to see their images in full size.Here is a simple work around technique using which you can see image in full size.

  • Go to the Timeline of the person.
  • Right click on the profile pick and choose the option open image in new tab from menu.


  • Then the image will open in a separate window.
  • Now just remove p160X160 from the url of the screenshot and hit enter.


  • Now you will be able to see the image in full size.


Other Best Facebook Tips and Tricks:

I tried my best to include all the Best Facebook Tricks at one place .If I missed any which are worth including in the list then let me know in your comments. I will update the list.

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