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Facebook Group Posting, all you need to know

Facebook Group Posting In 2016, All You Need To Know!

Many of you were reading this maybe made a lot of money by sharing your website links to Facebook groups in  2015! But Facebook released a new algorithm to stop spamming on Facebook groups on last week of December, and many of us lost a lot of Facebook accounts, and many accounts got penalized for 1 or 2 weeks. Now if you post more than twenty groups a day without any other activity, the Facebook restrict group posting ability of that account for certain days.  Facebook, as we know, analyzes and tracks nearly everything we do.

For split testing, I purchased over 300 accounts and split them into groups to test various methods with each group  of accounts.

  • First Group:  befriended each other
  • Second Group:  befriend my personal account.
  • Third Group: Not befriended to any other fake account and my personal account.

The first group I  befriended one another became locked out within a week requesting ID verification. After about a week, the group of accounts that I had become Facebook friends with using my personal account all ended up locked out with ID requests. Seeing this only happened to those two groups, while the other groups who did not befriend each other or myself remained alive.

Here’re the some best practices to avoid block from Facebook When Creating A New Fake FB ID:

  • Never befriend all your fake Facebook accounts. It will probably lock out with ID requests.
  • Never add your personal profile as a friend from all you Fake Facebook profiles.

After analyzing the result, I realize that  there is a good chance it was a footprint that Facebook tracks when suspicious activity occurs in a group of accounts in same time. FB has brilliant minds working for them, and even a novice would be able to connect those dots if looking for them. Which would make sense?  If you plan on farming fake accounts and making them last as long as possible, You have to think from a Facebook Employees point of view, especially these days when they have stepped up their game on battling fake accounts and group posting. If you were building an algorithm to identify fake accounts, what would you look for as far as red flags? If you saw a newer account, logging in from a different IP every time or joining a group every 15 minutes wouldn’t that raise a red flag? Of course, it would. How many people honestly and naturally join that many groups in one day, or send/request hundreds of friend requests or use a different computer every single time they log into Facebook and from various countries or locations? It’s all pretty much common signs to look for if that was your job. With the billions of people on Facebook, it may take awhile before your account gets flagged, and maybe  you  get lucky won’t even get flagged at all. Who knows?

So overcome this, try to set up your Facebook fake accounts to mimic human behavior as much as possible, and from these steps, I have yet to have even a single account go into verification mode in the last three months. The traffic these accounts drive to my websites is absolutely beautiful and makes me a pretty penny with my Taboola and AdSense ads. This is just my opinion on using Fake Facebook accounts to use inside groups. There is no definite answer, but this is what I have learned from hundreds of hours split testing and my years of experience from using this method as one of my main marketing tactics.

What Is The Solution? How to automate Group Posting In 2016? Here’s the right way

In past, you may use some scripts to post to Facebook groups. They are using a Facebook application or access token (Graph API Explorer) to automate group posting. But in 2016, they will not work anymore! Stop wasting your time and money on these, FB already banned this kind of posting! You Will end up in locked account or group posting block within two or three days!  So what’s the solution! There’s a software called MassPlanner to automate all this!  You can schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest content and have it published at the right times on multiple groups or pages at certain intervals. Here I list some features of Massplanner that useful for Facebook auto-posting:
  • MassPlanner uses a embedded chrome browser, so Facebook thinks it is a real user
  • Post to hundreds of Facebook groups and pages without getting banned!
  • It can automatically find groups in your niche and send join requests with custom delay.
  • Unjoin groups which don’t bring you traffic.
  • MassPlanner automatically turns off notifications (Mark as read), so your account looks more human.
  • It can be auto like, comment,  accept the friend request and even send a message to friends automatically. So your account last long.
  • Also, the software can accept group members, invite friends to group and pages, a backup module to protect your account from friend verification, etc.
  • This one is my favorite, the Bump module. It will go to a post that you‘re already posted, comment something on that post and then delete the comment immediately. This brings that post back in the first position in the group it‘s posted to, without leaving any trace as to why it‘s there. This way more people visiting that group will see your post, and you don‘t have to re-post it.
  • If you try to post several times the same message on different Facebook groups, you will get a warning that you‘ve posted that message and possibly show them less. To overcome this Massplanner have a module called ‘post unique images’ that alter the image little bits here and there, so it remains entirely the same for human eyes, but it looks quite different the Facebook robots.  So the post reaches maximum audience and decreases the chance of getting link and account blocked.

And the MassPlanner have a lot of other features. I just listed some of Facebook features above, just keep in mind that GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have tons of free traffic.  The best thing about MassPlanner is its price. It’s very very cheap when compared to what it is offer. They offer monthly license cost around 10$, and 6-month license costs 45$. One month plan have lot feature restrictions,  so I strongly recommend to purchase a six-month license.  Trust me, it worth more than the cost. You can simply earn 45$ in a day if you choose it wisely.

Mass Planner provides five days free trial, but you need to purchase the software before beginning the trial period. You can ask for a refund if you don’t want to use the software anymore within first five days.  Make sure you purchased the software, using my link  and send your email ID to our Facebook Page. I will send you an exclusive ebook titled ‘How To Configure MassPlanner and Post To Facebook Without Getting Blocked.’ Also, I will publish more detailed premium tutorials on this website that can only unlock with a password for those purchased the software from my link. So stay tuned.

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