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This trick help to disable ads in Utorrent without installing any software. You just need to go to preference panel and turn off some options available. uTorrent is one of the most famous bittorrent client available nowadays. It’s popular because of cross-platform compatibility.  Utorrent  available on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like Android and iPhone, etc.  Here we are going to disable the ads in Utorrent such as top and left Sidebar banner ads.  The below screenshot is shown you an example of one such advertisement. 
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I’m using OGWhatsapp since it released on to Googleplay. I have two sim cards and I’m using one for my personal use and the second one for online business. For some reason, I want to be online on WhatsApp from both sim cards. The problem is I have only one android smartphone. So I searched on Google and found this awesome application. I joined many public groups from second Whatsapp number (the one I’m using with OGWhatsApp) and disabled auto-downloading. So that my gallery will not fill with unwanted images and videos from public groups. 
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Some people still thinks WhatsApp call feature is a Scam! Anyway I personally activated call feature on my smartphone and using it for last three days. WhatsApp introduced the calling feature and  activated  it initially for group of android developers or testers who have the ability to send bug report to WhatsApp. WhatsApp also released an opportunity to the testers to invite more and more people and activate the calling feature on different smartphones. Initially, they released this feature simply for Android  devices.  However, now  iPhone (iOS) users may use the feature.  
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