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The Best Auto Facebook Group Posting and Scheduling Software That Works In 2017

Are you looking for  Facebook software that can post and schedule your posts to multiple groups at once? Then you are on the right track. Probably you tried different Facebook marketing software that posts using Facebook applications tokens. Did you ever tried a Facebook auto-posting software that fully imitates human behaviour when works! This FB is posting software search for Facebook groups in your niche and send join request automatically at a random interval.

The software I am talking about is Mass Planner, it‘s an excellent piece of software which helped me to earn thousands of dollars per month from Facebook. Massplanner also has automation tools for Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram. Though I have only a few accounts on other social networking sites mentioned above, it also brings me a decent amount of traffic. Just think like this. Anyway, you are creating a clickbait post for Facebook. The why don‘t you market these  posts to an audience of all social networking platforms. When comparing to Facebook, all other social networks are not much spammed until now. So it helps you to bring a decent amount of traffic without any extra efforts. When at first glance Massplanner maybe looks very complicated but trust me if you learn how to use it correctly, it is a super easy software to automate Facebook group posting out there.

MassPlanner 5 Days Free Trial

Most Important Facebook Marketing Features

  • Post or schedule your posts on as many Facebook pages and groups as you want
  • Automatically find and join groups in your niche by keywords and number of members. If you lose interested in some groups or some won‘t bring you any traffic you can automatically un-join certain groups. MassPlanner allows to export or import group and page lists so you can use them on an another account. It also helps in a situation like  existing accounts got banned, and you want to add the same groups to another account.
  • Post your content on exact times, repeat the posts on certain days or hours or choose the number of posts per day and let Mass Planner optimize the posting times.
  • The unique feature of MassPlanner is clickable images. They will have an excellent picture and description and clicking anywhere on it will redirect to your site. By using this, you can share a blocked link on Facebook, or you can secure website link from the Facebook block if you even spam hundreds of groups. In my experience, clickable image post has greater reach than standard link posts.
  • MassPlanner automatically shares the posts on your page, and  websites  RSS  feeds even feeds from YouTube, Pinterest or any other site. So you can share your sites new post without even opening the software.
  • The spinning  syntax is enabled for all the fields to help you avoid  common  and repetitive messages. And this helps you to post on more groups. Becuase you are posting unique messages to every single group, eh!
  • The Facebook group posting software have inbuilt  automatic URL shortening, so if you choose UTM tags to track clicks on campaign creation, it creates unique URLs for every single share. So you are no more posting same links to different groups. It helps to avoid group posting block penalty from Facebook/
  • To prevent any incidents that may occur, Mass Planner automatically stop the campaigns in case Facebook gives you the “Slow down or be blocked” message.
  • You can set Mass Planner to accept automatically new members in your groups, invite some or all of your friends to join your groups, turn off the groups notifications, to avoid flooding your friends with the messages you post on all the groups you‘ve joined, etc.
  • You can run each Facebook account on its unique proxy, so you don‘t leave an IP footprint and add hundreds of account to same PC or VPS without worrying about duplicate accounts ban.

You Have To Spend Money To Make Money online! All other methods like Group posting through some auto-posting scripts are dead. Your Facebook account end up banning within a week if you try posting using Facebook application tokens.  I recommend you to purchase six-month plan because  ten dollars one month plan have a lot of feature limitations. So if you are going to buy the software read below post.

So the ball is in your court. You can either buy the software or quit Facebook Marketing!! Regardless, I‘ll publish new tips and tricks to use MassPlanner in the most efficient way here. Stay tuned.

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